“see & sew” shirt B6270

After probably  more than a dozen sewing projects, where I’ve managed to steer clear of sleeves, I decided it was time to give sleeves a whirl.  I’ll admit that watching Season 5 of the GBSB helped to get me motivated.  That, and the fact I’ve had the following pattern and fabric in my stash since 2016.

shirt pattern

Pattern being B6270 SEE & SEW, with the comforting red logo reassuring me that “YES! It’s easy”.  And fabric being 1.5m of a very light-weight 100% cotton:  Minimals designed for Poppy Europe.

shirt fabric 

I can’t remember now where I bought it, nor how much I paid for it.  All I know is, I bought it with this specific pattern in mind, seeing it sewn up to make shirt A, with the grandad collar and the turned up sleeves.

Just as well the pattern claimed it was easy, because that’s what gave me the courage to go ahead.  On hindsight, “easy” isn’t the adjective I would have used . . . but it was do-able with lots of patience and a seam ripper to hand.

shirt 01

Four afternoon sewing sessions it took me . . . with various mishaps along the way.  I managed to sew front facing on the wrong way round, only discovering after I’d trimmed seam to turn.  Fixed that!  Had loads of trouble working out the correct way to sew on my collar.  Sewed once.  Didn’t look right.  Unpicked.  Sewed a different way.  Defintely didn’t look right.  Unpicked.  Emailed Avis for help.  Discovered I’d done it correctly the first time.  So sewed collar on for the third time. 

shirt 02

Sleeves were also a challenge.  But they’re in.  And I made a slight modification to the pattern which called for version A to have special cuff loopy bits sewn into place . . . I chose to add a button and button hole to mine, so sleeves can be unfolded when being washed & ironed.

shirt 03

And I have to say . . . I am thrilled to bits with my first shirt!  Oh, other alteration I made . . . I didn’t like the shirt-tail hem line, so mine is straight across, both back & front.

shirt 04

shirt 05

I will definitely be making this pattern again!  Version B pointy collar & pocket don’t tempt me, neither do the full length sleeves with proper cuffs . . . but I might try curved shirt tails next time, just to make it longer, and to give myself a new challenge.