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I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog this month.  This doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing some blog-hopping to see what everyone else is up to.  Nor does it mean I haven’t been crafting – au contraire – I have!  However, several of the projects I’m working on are either secret crafting projects, or not far enough in the making to be worth blogging about.

Still, I do have 2 projects to talk about . . . first up, is the latch hook “Puppy” rug kit by Versaco.


The hooking is finally complete – yay!  Once I set my mind to it, it came along very quickly.  Helped by the fact that I’ve been playing catch up, watching The Great British Sewing Bee on my tablet.  Since the husband isn’t too keen on sewing programmes,  I watch GBSB while sitting out in the kitchen, and kitchen table was the most comfortable place for latch hooking.  I’ve already trimmed the excess canvas, and begun the job of finishing edges neatly.  I will share a fully finished photo with you in due course.

I’ve also been doing some sewing.  Several projects in mind for Baby Viking, and big plans on moving out of my comfort zone to make a few garments with stretch fabrics.  True to myself, I thought it best to have a trial run with stretch fabrics before cutting into the yummy piece I’ve bought for BV.  And, after the clear out in my wardrobe last month, I had a couple of Tshirts (that didn’t get handed down or put in the Red Cross recyle bin) I had kept, precisely to slice up and use for some trial sewing.  So, one Tshirt repurposed into a pair of toddler sized trousers.  Scraps above are all that was left of the Tshirt.  I remembered to use a special Jersey/stretch fabrics needle in Juki and I used the overlocking stitch for everything.  I noticed that Juki tended to skip a stitch occasionally (not sure if it was my fault or because fabric was quite fine) if I tried to sew too quickly.  After adjusting speed and taking things slowly though, all seams looked good.  I even thought to cut pieces so the bottom of the Tshirt became the hemline of the legs – hence the really professional overlocked hems! 


I was planning, initially, to make something in Baby Viking size for this summer, and followed a pattern accordingly (more or less) however,  . . . after popping round to hold these up against our little neighbour (who’s 19 months old), the verdict was:  way too wide.  Waist and the “rise” are good, but legs are much too wide for what I was aiming for (which was more of a jegging than a trouser).  Not to worry!  They turned out to be quite a good fit, as 3/4 length leggings on Daisy, so she gets to keep them.  And oh surprise . . . they look rather good with the pinafore dress I made for her.  Anyone would think I made these sizing mistakes on purpose, but I don’t!  This second photo shows you the true colour – a lovely turquoise/aqua, which makes the perfect “bottoms” to match the pinafore dress. 

daisy 01

While I had camera out, and Daisy was posing . . . I couldn’t resist playing with more of my dolls.  I realise the following photos will freak some readers out.  I know, I know, most people think my dolls are creepy,  so you’ll just have to close your eyes and scroll down if you don’t want to see the following doll pictures.  First pic is of Daisy, posing as”big sister” to Lily .

daisy 02

Then with Alice (who incidentally is wearing a pinafore dress I made last year using the same pattern as Daisy’s dress).


And finally, with Noah.

daisy 04

That’s all the doll photos for now, you can open your eyes! 

And admire


Gibbs, who is overjoyed that my most recent check-up with foot surgeon went well, and daily walks to the park have resumed.  And about time too, says Gibbs!

18 thoughts on “a bit of this & that

  1. The little trousers look great, you’ve had more look than me with stretch fabrics – my sewing machine was eating jersey today – I gave up and sewed denim instead! Glad your foot is doing well too 🙂

  2. I’d probably launch myself into stretch fabrics too if they were more comfortable in this climate, but T-shirts cling horribly in the humidity. You’ve done a really good job on those little trousers, well done, and I’m glad to hear that Gibbs-walking is back on the agenda.

    • Ah yes, climate in this part of the world isn’t quite as humid ^^ And since I want to sew for Baby Viking, I’m having to take into account how cool a British summer can be.

  3. Your puppy rug is so cute. Latch hook is quite enjoyable when one is in the mood to do it.
    You did a fabulous job on turning the tee shirt into pants. Well done you!
    Daisy looks so sweet. It really looks like you made the outfit to match on purpose.
    All your baby dolls are adorable. Daisy makes the perfect big sister for them.
    Gibbs is amazing.
    Like Gibbs, I’m happy you’re doing well and are back to daily walks.

  4. Claire, the puppy rug is adorable!! Miss Daisy is a real cutie – so is Gibbs, of course. Good news about your foot. I hope you enjoy stretch sewing – I always enjoyed it.

  5. Using tee shirts as practice for sewing knits is a brilliant idea! the dollies look sweet in their outfits and Gibbs looks very happy to be walking again, as I’m sure you are as well!

  6. I think I’m one of the few in our blogging circle who finds sewing jersey enjoyable and easy. An overlocker helps, it has to be said.
    Good news on the foot recovery – luckily you only have two so Gibbs shouldn’t have to go without his walkies again.

    • well first attempt wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I expected, but that was probably because I was reusing a Tshirt and not cutting into brand new fabric I’d paid good money for ^^ I’ll see how I take to it with future projects and if I suddenly find myself wanting to sew with stretch fabrics more often . . . I see that Lidl frequently have a Pfaff overlocker in their catalogue, so I could grab one next time.

  7. The rug turned out so cute. It must feel good to finish the latch hooking. You’re inspiring me to pull out the latch hook WIP that hasn’t been out of the drawer for a couple years. We’ll see. 🙂 Gibbs is such a nice looking dog. I’m happy for you that your recovery is going so well you can enjoy your walks again.

  8. Loving the little puppy rug and like you I spend my evenings infront of GBSB with my latest project. I am afraid I am a scroller – don’t like dolls, clowns or fancy dress that covers someone’s face! Do love dogs though and so glad you are able to get out and about with Gibbs now.

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