picking up a UFO (only 6 years after starting)

I pride myself on the fact that when I start a project, I usually finish it (eventually) . . . so don’t think I have too many UFOs lurking in my sewing room (although I haven’t searched very thoroughly).  There are a couple though, that have been in the back of my mind for a while, as worthy of my attention.  One of them being, a latch hook kit.

I treated myself to this way back in January 2013: “Puppy” by Versaco.


Quite an expensive kit but it was a treat to myself for my birthday that year.   First hooking began way back in February 2013, and then poor puppy was pulled out occasionally over the following 2 years.  Last seen in September 2015 looking like this

20 09 WIP c

I’m not sure why I ran out of steam.  Possibly because I can’t latch hook while sitting in my rocking chair, watching TV.

Anyway, suffice it to say, this poor puppy has been waiting too long for completion, so I’ve picked up my latch hook, and begun work again because, honestly, I’d come too far not to continue!  I’m not setting myself a “to be finished before” date, but at least the UFO is now back to being a WIP.

rug 01 03 (1)


19 thoughts on “picking up a UFO (only 6 years after starting)

  1. That’s so cute. I remember making a latch hook rug back in my teens – I think it was called a ‘Readicut’ kit and the little bundles of individual pieces of cut wool used to fascinate me. I did finish it but don’t know what happened to it. What will you do with yours?

  2. Puppy is so cute and you’re nearly done – I’m looking forward to seeing him upon completion. I try not to have UFOs/WIPs – sometimes it takes a lot of discipline, lol.

    • hmm I’m never sure about latch hook rugs and babies. I fear it would be too easy to pull on the yarn, and end up pulling the loops out. Might just keep it as a prop for my dolls ^^

    • I’ll probably use it as a “prop” playmat for my dolls and photo sessions. Wool seems to shed a lot, and I’m not convinced it would be a good idea for a real baby’s room.

  3. It’s funny when going back to those UFOs and trying to figure out why they became UFOs. I have too many of them to count! He is supper cute and it will be nice to have him finished.

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