best layer of the month # February


This is what I like to see, when I check in the nesting boxes!  Three pretty eggs, all different, proof  that all hens have laid.


The gorgeous weather this month means that all gals have been laying consistently well, even old Miss Moneypenny!  Total egg count for February was 62 and hens really have been neck & neck with no clear winner.

Miss Moneypenny laid 20 while Miss Plumpton and Mauricette laid 21 eggs each.  For a month with only 28 days, that’s not bad at all.

10 thoughts on “best layer of the month # February

    • nope ^^ Miss Moneypenny lays the darkest coloured shells, and usually the smallest. Hers is the one at the top, Mauricette (the French Blue) lays the lightest colour shell, and Miss Plumpton (the Sussex) generally lays the largest eggs. In fact she laid a double yolker this month, so I suppose she’s really the winner!

    • ooooh you’re going to start with chicks? We bought our hens aged 20 weeks-ish, so they were all “point of lay” when we got them. Miss Moneypenny being the one remaining from the first 3 hens we bought when we started in 2015.

  1. Go girls, go. Wish I could pop round and buy some lovely fresh eggs. We used to always buy ours from the egg lady in the next village but she passed away. No idea what happened to her little brood but I do not know anyone who sells fresh eggs, and supermarket eggs just do not taste the same. Sometimes she would have shell-less eggs (just in the soft membrane – I had never seen them before but they were great for baking with xx

    • if you lived near by, I wouldn’t make you pay lol.
      I certainly don’t make neighbours pay because hens lay eggs whether we can eat them all or not, so I prefer to give away while fresh.
      We’ve had a couple of soft shell/no shell incidents, but I binned those, as I wasn’t sure whether the membrane would have kept the egg part “sterile”, so to speak.

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