another “Cheri” cardie–sneak peek only!


I come to show only a sneak peek photo to you today, but I can tell you, I am having the most joyous happy dance – yay!    After the success of the “Cheri” pattern (by Martin Storey for Rowan) only a few days ago, I cast on to knit up a second version.  I chose a variagated Marriner Mermaid DK in pink and other vibrant colours, plus Stylecraft Special DK in “Citron” for the garter stitched bands.  I knitted in size 1-2 years, so it’s turned out really dinky.   It only used up 55g of the Marriner and 20g of Stylecraft.   And, aside from my colour combo, which I think is sunglasses worthy and rather “candy crush” . . . my sewing of bits together went wonderfully.   Here’s the front of right sleeve and part of the button band.


And this is back view of right sleeve.  I can now proudly say “By Jove, I’ve got it!”  I totally understand what I did wrong with my first two knit projects (stripey sweater and pink cardie).  And, while I can’t say I loved the sewing together, it wasn’t too gruelling.  Probably because the last 2 projects have been tiny toddler size . . . I’ll no doubt be complaining about sewing together when I tackle an adult sized garment.  However, that won’t be this week!  I’ve already cast on in some more bright colours . . . to make a third “Cheri” cardigan.

Only problem with my new found love of knitting . . . I have a crocheted monster which has been sitting around since Christmas, awaiting spikes, teeth and sewing together.  Have a couple of other crochet projects on my “to do” list . . . and my sewing machine is gathering dust, because all I want to do it knit & purl.


14 thoughts on “another “Cheri” cardie–sneak peek only!

  1. Ha! – I’ve been like that about crochet, leaving knitting and sewing on the back burner a bit. It still feels a little strange to be holding two long needles and, as I keep going back to do more work on the crochet baby blanket, I’m still on the rib of the complicated cable cardigan.
    Your sewing up looks fantastic – doesn’t it make a huge difference? Nobody really likes the sewing up bit but now you’ve mastered it you won’t dread it so much.

    • yes I’m trying to build up the courage to cast on husband sized sweater but need to sit down and practice the pattern stitches first as I’ll have a chart to follow and lots of wierd abbreviations to understand.

  2. Beautiful seams! I can quite understand a really happy happy dance! I do love that tutti frutti colour scheme, it looks good enough to eat. I think you’ve hit on every crafter’s dilemma, though: which one to work on next? I’m ‘fortunate’ not to be able to knit, it takes all that out of the equation….

    • lol I would never have believed I would become a knitter! I was never very needle-craft-minded as a child/teenager and came late to cross stitch (in early 30s), sewing & patchwork in 40s, then crochet & knitting in my 50s. I Wonder what I’ll get up to when I hit 60?

  3. 😆 you’ll get over this phase and have another run with your sewing machine and crochet hook in time. The same thing happens to me! Right now my knitting needles are cry from being ignored, I have one sock done, and about a third of the back of a cardigan, but they are sitting.

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