best layer of the month # January 2019

eggs jan

First month of the year has simply flown past!  Can’t believe it’s already 31st January (and incidentally, also the 31st birthday of Eldest Son).  Hens have had to put up with very cold temperatures, what with snow, and drinking water freezing over. With the cold plus lack of daylight (although days are growing longer), egg count was more modest than during the warmer months.

It’s Mauricette, our French Blue, who takes the prize once again though, with 26 eggs this month.  Miss Plumpton laid 16 and old Miss Moneypenny 11.  That makes a total of 53 fresh eggs for January, so still enough to distribute amongst the neighbours.


4 thoughts on “best layer of the month # January 2019

  1. I beg to differ about the month flying past – but then I’ve been doing ‘Dry January’. Still, it’s the 1st February tomorrow and a Friday – which I count as a weekend 🍷
    That Mauricette is just a show-off.

  2. I didn’t realise! Happy birthday to you ^^
    And is my memory playing tricks, or does the Husband of Chiconia blow out his candles on 8th Feb?

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