“Cheri” by Martin Storey, for Rowan

After the relative success of my dusky pink cardigan, I decided I needed to get more practice learning to assemble knitted garment pieces before I took the plunge to tackle another adult sized cardie/sweater.  So, with that in mind, I rummaged through my computer files, where I save any free patterns that take my fancy.  And this is the one I chose to knit.

daisy cardie 03

The model “CHERI” designed by Martin Storey for Rowan yarns.  I immediately knew I wasn’t going to bother crocheting the cherries.  My crochet skills don’t need practice, and I honestly thought the dangling cherries were just a bit “too much”.   What attracted me to this pattern was the short sleeves, short bodice and very much a bolero style.  The idea being, to have a pattern which would knit up quickly, to give me the chance to try my hand at assembly. 

And here’s my very plain version of this pattern.

Daisy cardie 02

I think you’ll agree there is definite improvement in my assembly skills.  I chose pattern size 2-3 years (Daisy measuring 92cm tall, so not quite a size 3 years).  I used leftovers of my dusky pink and knitted on 3.75mm and 4.5mm needles to get the correct gauge. 

daisy cardie 04

daisy cardie 05

And had a good rummage in my button box, where I found some very discreet pale pink plastic buttons. 

Daisy cardie 01

I am so pleased with how it turned out.  My confidence is soaring . . . but not quite ready to attempt the XL men’s sweater for the Husband just yet. 

What I have done though . . . is cast on to follow this pattern a second time.  My second version is going to be in a size 1-2 years, and for Baby Viking.  She is 5 months old now and sooooooooo cute lol.  Anyway, I thought this pattern style would be perfect and a 1-2 year size should be good for this autumn or next spring.  Here’s a sneak peek of yarns I’m working with.  I’m using Stylecraft Special DK in “citron” for the garter stitching, and a very zany Marriner Mermaid DK for the rest.


That’s the 2 sleeves already made.  Now to put on my sunglasses and have more fun watching this Marriner Mermaid yarn change colour.  Viking parents have said I can go as bright as I like, so I’ve taken that literally!

12 thoughts on ““Cheri” by Martin Storey, for Rowan

  1. Yay! for your improved ‘joining up’ skills.
    The Viking parents are generous in giving you artistic license – no boring grey for them! I am struggling with my grey(ish) baby blanket and fear it will be not grey enough but I shall carry on regardless.
    I think you definitely made the right decision about the cherries. Too many and too big in my humble opinion.

    • lol if someone asked me to make something in grey, I’d just tell them to go to the shops and buy the finished item. If I’m making, then I get to choose the colours – that’s my motto! Although I do try and respect people’s colour préférences, I refuse to spend time crafting if I don’t enjoy the colours I”m working with.

  2. Baby Viking will be even more adorable in this, perfect for spring and autumn! Daisy’s sweater looks GREAT! My goodness you got that figured out quickly, my joins are improving, but still not as neat as they should be.

    • I did “mattress” stitch throughout, Kathy, and discovered if I pulled nice & tight, then relaxed seams out a little, I was able to keep things looking much better than last time.

    • thank you ^^ I have to admit, I’m rather proud of myself! I know it’s only small but I can definitely see the progress I’ve made since the first cardie.

    • funnily enough, I googled the pattern name after I’d made Daisy’s cardie, and found photos of several other knitters who also knitted this pattern in a similar dusky pink. Some with and some without the cherries ^^

    • yes, a friend suggested I might be more comfortable in raglan sleeves, so I’ll have to be more selective in pattern choice. Saying that, I rather like larger, over-sized knit wear, so for next time I’ll probably go for a looser fitting pattern.

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