what Claire received for Christmas #2

This is the last batch of photos, to show how spoiled I was this Christmas . . . this time by family. 


From Lindashee and Mr Lindashee:  Season 7 of my all-time favourite TV series “Call the Midwife”.  It was Lindashee who bought me the first season, a few years ago, and she’s been buying all the new seasons as they come out, for me.  Story (for those who don’t know it) begins in the late 1950s, in London, with each season dedicated to a new year (season 7 takes place in 1963), following the lives of a group of midwives/district nurses.  First class acting, lots of medical goings-ons, and all with the backdrop of London in the late 50s early 60s.  Lindashee also sent me something to keep my hands busy while enjoying some good British drama . . . so many fun ideas of mythical creatures in this book, including a Loch Ness monster which will probably be the first project I tackle.


From the Viking family, a new baby doll.  She’s a little girl doll, full vinyl, closed eyes and open mouth so she can suck her thumb.  She measures 52cm at the moment.  I’ll be pulling her to pieces sometime this year, making her a cloth body . . . and playing with my new baby doll, who I have called Phoebe.


From Eldest Son – some yarny supplies.  The pattern is a free pattern by Rowan.  And in the bag: enough King Cole Aran to knit myself this lovely turtle neck sweater. 

Continuing a new family tradition, begun only last year . . . part of Christmas Eve saw us sitting out in the kitchen, while Eldest Son stuck a needle in me over and over again lol.  And I have my second tattoo!


Another cat head in the same style as the first one.


So, that was lots of lovely gifts from our three children . . . I bet you’re wondering what I received from the Husband? 

Well, the really BIG present wasn’t actually a surprise.  It was something I saw on ebay way back in October.  The Husband gave me the green light.  The very large box was then hidden away in the cupboard when it arrived and I wasn’t allowed to look until Christmas.


It’s a very large doll.  Actually from the Masterpiece Gallery, by a German doll maker called Monika Levenig.  This is a “Chantal” doll.  She’s approx 90cm tall (can wear age 3 years clothes) and is a limited edition.  My “Chantal” is n° 11/350 of the European Edition series.

I’ve renamed her Daisy.  She’ll be keeping me company in my sewing room, where I hope to get busy and make some clothes for her.  I think she’s lovely, but everyone else seems to think she’s a bit spooky.  Not to worry.  Anyway . . . the Husband also got busy before xmas and made me a bead necklace


AND . . . .


A wooden stand for Daisy.   It’s a recyling job but completely custom-made for Daisy.  She can stand on her own but, with 3 cats charging around the house, it’ll be safer to use the stand. 


19 thoughts on “what Claire received for Christmas #2

  1. My goodness, that’s certainly a varied assortment! I’m with the ones who find your new sewing companion a bit spooky (I’ve never been a one for dolls, even as a child), but I think that tattoo is very striking and I’m a fan of Ask the Midwife too (we get it here as well).

    • yes I realise most people will find my dolls not to their taste ^^ Very pleased with the tatt, and we’ve already decided the next one will be a third cat head which will go around the back of arm . . . might not wait until next xmas for that though. If Eldest son comes to visit this summer, I’ll ask him to bring his kit.

  2. I sometimes think my kids would like to stick pins in me – I don’t let them though 🤣
    Dolls are spooky and, like Kate, even as a child I wasn’t keen – still, whatever floats your boat.
    I love Call The Midwife – I really like the way it incorporates the social history of the U.K. into the storylines each week – the ones about the thalidomide tragedy were particularly excellent – and heartbreaking.

    • I’ve already watched all épisodes of Season 7 and was balling my eyes out at the end. Even the husband has grown into it as, like you say, the social history is so interesting. I’m a 1964 baby so can’t wait for Season 8 to come out!

  3. what fun things! I love that you have a doll collection – I have a small collection of American Girl dolls (from BEFORE it was bought by Mattel) and half of my grandmother’s rather extensive collection of costumed and special dolls. My cousin has the other half.

    I love Call the Midwife! How fun to have all the seasons on DVD. That must help while away those hours when you have to rest your foot. And there will be loads of time for knitting and crocheting this winter, right?

  4. Call the midwife is one of my favourites too! The tattoo is a lovely design and you are very brave to go under the needle. I am afraid that dolls, puppets or people in all over costume really creep me out – but I do love watching all your other crafting endeavours and it is great that we all like something different! Happy New Year.

    • Daisy is going to be big sister to all my baby dolls ^^ and (hopefully) serve as tailor’s dummy for some future clothes making in age 3 size.

  5. Daisy will come in handy as a manikin for Baby Viking when she gets just a bit older, until then she can babysit! The yarn is beautiful, and I have looked at the Midwife series several times, I will have to check one out and watch!

  6. Love your tattoos. They’re beautiful. I’ve never been brave enough to get one, plus I’d never be able to decide what to have LOL
    That crochet book looks fab. Can’t wait to see what you make from it.

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