What Claire received for Christmas #1

Happy New Year everyone!  I’m playing catch-up with my xmas-themed posts, and can’t quite believe we’ve just begun another year already!  Were you good in 2018?  I think I must have been, because I was thoroughly spoiled this Christmas!  Some gifts hand-made, some gifts for me to enjoy crafting throughout the coming year, and some gifts  “just because”.

In order not to make this post too photo-heavy, I’ll show you what I received from friends today, and save gifts from family for another day.


First photos with surprise gifts from blogging friends . . . above, surprises from Stéphanie and Ghislaine:  lots of bookmarks, a little “oh la vache!” key chain from Stéphanie and 2 owl potholders from Ghislaine.


Handmade decorations from Storm, Annie and Jeanna plus some hand-knitted baby hats & mittens from Mr Lindashee’s Mum.  She didn’t knit them herself, but bought them in a charity shop . . . doesn’t matter!  They were hand-made by some talented knitter in the past and have now found a new home here, where they will much appreciated by my baby dolls.


Some lovely fabrics, a little chicken, bookmark and stainless steel reindeer, from Andrea, my German friend.  Andrea and I were penpals, then school exchange partners way back (almost 40 years ago now!).  We still keep in touch at Christmas and birthdays.


Crafting supplies from Avis, also.  A packet of felt, some felt bird embellishments, the most gorgeous printed fabric with a hand-cranked sewing machine . . . and a “Chicken Sampler” cross stitch kit, which is going to be lots of fun to stitch.  Not sure yet whether I’ll stitch chickens all together, like the model, to make a sampler (and maybe turn it into a cushion cover) or to stitch each chicken separately and make some cards. 


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