best layer of the month # December

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Ooops, I almost forgot to tot up the egg count for December!

Total egg count was slightly down in December because Miss Moneypenny decided to have a massive moult.  There were feathers everywhere, for several weeks, and she was walking around looking somewhat naked until the new feathers grew.  With the cold spell we had, I was slightly worried she would catch cold, so have been giving extra treats and vitamins to help.  Miss Moneypenny is fully-feathered again, but all her energy went into growing feathers, so she only laid 4 eggs this month.  Miss Plumpton and Mauricette (above) did very well though.  Miss Plumpton (the Sussex) laid 22 eggs and Mauricette (our French blue) laid a grand total of 30.  Which means 56 eggs were collected in December.

And just because I like statistics . . . I  went back over archives for 2018.  Miss Mauricette may have been our best layer for the past few months, but Miss Plumpton wins the crown for Best Layer of 2018.  Miss Moneypenny laid a total of 194 eggs in the past year: Mauricette 316 and . . . drumroll . . . Miss Plumpton laid 333.

What Claire received for Christmas #1

Happy New Year everyone!  I’m playing catch-up with my xmas-themed posts, and can’t quite believe we’ve just begun another year already!  Were you good in 2018?  I think I must have been, because I was thoroughly spoiled this Christmas!  Some gifts hand-made, some gifts for me to enjoy crafting throughout the coming year, and some gifts  “just because”.

In order not to make this post too photo-heavy, I’ll show you what I received from friends today, and save gifts from family for another day.


First photos with surprise gifts from blogging friends . . . above, surprises from Stéphanie and Ghislaine:  lots of bookmarks, a little “oh la vache!” key chain from Stéphanie and 2 owl potholders from Ghislaine.


Handmade decorations from Storm, Annie and Jeanna plus some hand-knitted baby hats & mittens from Mr Lindashee’s Mum.  She didn’t knit them herself, but bought them in a charity shop . . . doesn’t matter!  They were hand-made by some talented knitter in the past and have now found a new home here, where they will much appreciated by my baby dolls.


Some lovely fabrics, a little chicken, bookmark and stainless steel reindeer, from Andrea, my German friend.  Andrea and I were penpals, then school exchange partners way back (almost 40 years ago now!).  We still keep in touch at Christmas and birthdays.


Crafting supplies from Avis, also.  A packet of felt, some felt bird embellishments, the most gorgeous printed fabric with a hand-cranked sewing machine . . . and a “Chicken Sampler” cross stitch kit, which is going to be lots of fun to stitch.  Not sure yet whether I’ll stitch chickens all together, like the model, to make a sampler (and maybe turn it into a cushion cover) or to stitch each chicken separately and make some cards.