what Claire made for Christmas #5

This is the last post with photos of the secret crafting which kept me busy for Christmas 2018.  And this time, it’s a sewing project.


For the husband.  He had asked for various tools (for metal engraving, wood chequering etc) so family clubbed together to buy the various tools, hammer, book etc . . . plenty of things to keep him happy.   Tools in this photo are the metal engraving ones.   I was rather worried, when I saw the sharp ends on these, and decided to make a) a little fabric tray to keep them all together on his work bench.  And b) a tool roll, so that the husband has somewhere to keep them all.


I chose a very manly William Morris print for the outer fabric.


and fabric from the same collection for the inside.  Pockets are made with leather and I added a felt flap, so that tools won’t slip out.



I’m not sure whether leather pockets was such a good idea . . . time will tell if it stands up to the pointy ends.  If not, I’ll make a second one, using denim which will probably be more hard-wearing.


10 thoughts on “what Claire made for Christmas #5

  1. Excellent! I love it when the opportunity arises to make something crafty for the men in our lives. I expect he’ll be returning the favour with something lovely from his own workroom.

    • yep, not always easy to come up with manly ideas. I plan on knitting a sweater for the Husband in 2019 but if he wears it in his workshop, it’ll be the first & last sweater I ever make him!

  2. Wow! These are not only lovely but functional too! I make denim aprons for Bob to wear at work and he gets holes in them (from sheet metal) all the time. I think the leather will wear just as long as the denim.

  3. Sure leather will be as good if not better than denim after all the tools are only resting in there little beds. It is a work of art and love, so I am sure hubby would love it. I cannot see how he could fail to be impressed by his good lady wife with a gift like this. xx

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