what Claire made for Christmas #4

Yet more crochet projects that I can boast about . . . the fruits of many hours of secret crocheting, with my feet up, in the run-up to Christmas.

First . . . a very simple white hat, made with Stylecraft Aran, which I made and sent to a French blogging friend, Lilubelle.  I didn’t follow any specific pattern for this.  Just started making a basic hat, and then added some inspiration from MyntKat’s Viking hat pattern to give some texture to the brim.



Next a little mouse following a pattern in the “Animal Heads” book by Vanessa Mooncie.



That was made for Eldest Son, who had said he “needed a new mouse” for Christmas lol.  Obviously, he meant a new PC mouse, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to misunderstand.  Don’t worry, he did also find a new PC mouse under the tree too.

And a slightly larger project . . .

xmas Avis 02

This foxy little chap, for Avis.  I added white to the face as my husband thought the original design looked more like a kangaroo than a fox.

xmas Avis 06

Pattern, by Pii_ Chii, published in “Zoomigurumi 2”.

xma Avis 04

xmas Avis 03

Only one more post to come, to show the remaining gifts I made . . . and after that, I’ll show you pics of a few of the gifts I received!


11 thoughts on “what Claire made for Christmas #4

    • I was thinking of you when making the mouse, Lynn ^^ Definitely a bit fiddly on some of the shaping, wasn’t it? Not sure if I’m ready to make one of the bigger heads yet!

    • have to say, Eldest Son was rather bemused when he opened that pressie . . . although he has learned to expect strange gifts from me at xmas time lol.

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