so many projects, not enough time!

I’ve made myself a really long list of projects to make before Christmas.  Which means I’ve got less time to spend on my WIPs, but am still trying to fit everything in.

Cross stitch has taken a bit of a back seat for now (apart from regular sessions on my SAL project) as I try to make headway with my knitting. I showed my two sleeves last month.  Since then, things have progressed.

cardie 02

Am working on the back.  It’s not as skinny as it looks lol . . . I can’t flatten it out anymore for now or it’ll fall off my needle.  But you get the idea.  I’ve reached the shoulder shaping part, so shouldn’t be too long now before I have a finished back!

I’ll be doing some crocheting over the coming weeks too, which will mean less time to knit.  Here’s a big bundle of yarn that I ordered in recently

xmas prep

Lots of Stylecraft Special Aran and a fresh bag of stuffing.  Colours don’t look like my usual bright choice, but there’s a reason.  Reason I can’t reveal until after Xmas, so you’ll just have to trust me.  New crochet projects are going to be lots of fun!


13 thoughts on “so many projects, not enough time!

    • I didn’t mention that I’m scheduled for next foot op on 23rd November, so I’ll be having several weeks of forced rest, and the opportunity to crochet heaps lol.

    • thanks Cathy. I’ve been through it once before, so I know what to expect . . . hence the plan to crochet loads, as that’s an easy craft to do either in bed or with feet up on sofa.

  1. The jumper is coming on well! I’ve also got a long list of projects that I’m never, realistically, going to finish before Christmas. I told myself not to make anything new for the Old & Disabled Dogs Home fund raiser later this month but I am doing a little bit of crochet just to make the stand look attractive. A crochet shawl I started for my daughter (I’ve done about 5 rows so far 😒) is proving more difficult than I’d hoped so I’m not sure that will be wrapped and under the tree in time – still, her birthday’s in February.

    • we’re all the same, arent we? thinking we can fit so much into our crafting time ^^ I’ve got quite a few crochet projects in the pipe-line, but I know how fast I can hook, and I’m confident I’ll get everything done in platy of time to catch the xmas post. I had hoped to get my cardie done by the end of the month because I’ve also bought in yarn to knit a sweater for the husband. Problem is, that’ll be an XL (or maybe an XXL) and I’ll have to learn how to follow a pattern grid before I tackle that.

  2. Why is it that we do this to ourselves? The rest of the year we can pace projects and achieve reasonable deadlines, but there’s something about Christmas that makes us all go a little doolally and start imposing silly timescales on projects. Relax, enjoy, and things’ll be ready when they’re ready, and the recipients will still be grateful and delighted.

  3. I have a feeling you will be finishing things right and left during your forced rest period! I am undecided about what I will try for Christmas…probably 2-3 pair of socks, and maybe some sewing. I’m fast on the sewing, but not as quick with the knitting, and of course still some little mittens to finish up.

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