off to a good start!

I am pleased to say, my second “real” knitting project is off to a good start.  This is the project


Pattern being “Rue” by Martin Storey for Rowan. A free instant download available on-line.  I’m not using Rowan yarn though, but a cheap acrylic.  I should have done a swatch before I began, but didn’t.  Which resulted in me knitting about 1/3 of a sleeve before deciding it was going to be too small.  So I unravelled and began again on needles the next size up. 

I then managed to make a mistake with my increases on second sleeve, so that set me back lol.  But never mind!  I will learn to be more careful next time.


What’s important . . . I didn’t allow myself to be discouraged, and I now have 2 sleeves – yay!  They are the same size, even if they don’t look it from photo.  I feel I’ve now got the hang of increasing and decreasing both knit wise and purl wise.  I’ll be casting on to knit the back next, which could take a while.  In case I needed motivation . . . I’ve already ordered in (and received) yarn and pattern for the next knitting project!  Talk about being optimistic!