Russian dolls X2 (“Cross Stitch Crazy”)

I mentioned, a little while back, that I had renewed my subscription to a UK cross stitch magazine, after letting subs run out a few years ago.  The reason I let subs run out is because I was getting inundated with magazines piling up, and never having time to do any of the projects.  And the reason I renewed my subs . . . I missed the excitement of having a colourful magazine dropping through the door each month.  In previous years, I was signed up for Cross Stitcher magazine, and The World of Cross Stitching.  For this time around, I signed up for Cross Stitch Crazy (inspired by a freebie kit Carole sent me a while back, and which I stitched).

Anyway . . . cross stitch magazines are a little like fashion designers . . . they always have to be a few months ahead of seasonal themes, to give stitchers plenty of time to get things made.  In the November edition, there were several free gifts, one of them being a little kit to stitch up two xmas tree decorations.  I received this magazine in October, and decided it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, so, as an extra project, to stitch alongside the SAL, I began work.

russian dolls

Kit came with chart, aida,  plenty of threads, pink ribbon and pre-cut felt for finishing off.  I added a length of turquoise ribbon to one of the dolls just to be different.

russian dolls 2

I started hand-stitching the turquoise felt, doing blanket stitch all around the outer edge, but then decided it would be quicker, not to mention neater, if I did the final sewing by machine.  You can see, from this second photo, that I really love Russian dolls, and this is just part of my collection.   So, a fun little stitching project which gave me some light relief from my larger xstitch project.  In the December edition of Cross Stitch Crazy there was another Christmas themed kit . . . so I will have something else to show you very soon.