SAL update – “Bag Ladies” #1

On 30th September, I finished my SAL project, and showed you what design would be taking its place for the next months.

SAL new project

“Bag Ladies” a kit by Sunset, from artwork by Bradlt Bralds.  Not only will this be fun to stitch because of all the cats, but I figured it would be quite practical for the SAL, as the chart lends itself to being cut up into sections.   Updates might not always be terribly exciting, as there are a lot of bags to stitch so you’ll have to bear with me.

For my first update

SAL BL 21 10

I’ve stitched the smallest bag and discovered something I hadn’t noticed before!  A little mouse, or maybe it’s a hamster, in hiding!

I wonder what other SAL members have been working on this month?  Let’s hop over to their blogs to find out . . . and say a big warm welcome to our newest member, Clare, in New Zealand.

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Next update on 11th November.