we’re having an Indian Summer

Hmm, looks like we’re having an Indian Summer in our part of the world.  Blue skies, sunshine, and temperatures have been around 26°C during the daytime, although it is getting a bit nippy at night.

What do we do when weather is fine?  Well, if you’ve got a lively dog, like we do, then you go to the park and take photos.


Here’s Gibbs, our Flat-Coated Retriever, now 2 years old.  A healthy 40 kilos of pure muscle, and enjoying our daily walk/run around the park and obstacle course.  We walk, he runs.




Please note the lovely blue sky, as well as a very agile Gibbs who has no trouble going up and down all the ramps, and over hurdles.


And yours truly, in a sleeveless cotton shirt – it’s just like summer!

9 thoughts on “we’re having an Indian Summer

  1. The weather’s gorgeous isn’t it – I’m sure it’s our payback for having such a wet time in the late Spring/early Summer.
    40kg!! That seems a lot. Our big old German Shepherd lady only weighed 45kg. Obviously, it’s only a number though as Gibbs looks in perfect health with no fat bits 🙂
    Is that a special dog course set up in your nearby park for general use? If so, what a great idea – I’m surprised it isn’t busier on such a lovely day. I’m amused to think of the dogs queuing up to use each obstacle, like kids in a theme park.

    • Gibbs is rather on the large end of the scale for a male flat, being much taller than average, so he carries his 40kg with no problem. We bump into the breeders on a regular basis and they reckon he’s a fine specimen ^^ Park is actually a private park (6 hectares) – an extension of the kennels/breeders where we bought him from, so we (and other clients) pay an annual subs to use the facilities. It’s only just down the road from our house, so very practical to hop in the car and then do our walk and agility circuit every day. There are also several artificial lakes, so great for swimming and retrieving activites. We tend to go at lunch time, which explains why it’s so empty but it gets very busy during the school hols when familes take dog, kids & picnics.

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