F2F season 3 – Miss October

Autumn is well and truly here, and I’ve been busy patchworking in quite autumnal colours for Miss October, aka Moira, for the F2F block swap organised by Kate.

Moira asked for shades of browns, including dark & golden, with a hint of duck egg blue, on tonal cream.  Her inspiration photo was


This is, apparently, the backing fabric she intends to use for her patchwork blocks.  Now, I had quite a few browns in my stash, and cream, but I didn’t have any duck egg blue . . . what better excuse to buy in some fabric, eh?  And here’s what I made for Moira.

Moira 01

For the first block I made an “Album Road”, simply with different browns/golds on cream.  No blue in this one.

Moira 02

Second block is “Bright Morning Star” with a little bit of blue in the centre.

Moira 03

And third block, is Arkansas Cross Roads.

After making those for Moira, I made an “Old Fan” block for myself, in the same colourway.

Old Fan October

And, then because I really do enjoy making this particular block and was feeling very “autumny” I made another one.

Old Fan Autumn

So, lots of fun this month.  For November, we’ll all be working in some very bright colours for Robin, who has asked for blue, orange and cerise pink.  In the meantime, if you want to see blocks other members have made & sent, you can check out the F2F gallery.

18 thoughts on “F2F season 3 – Miss October

  1. Very nice Claire. I don’t often use browns but was surprised at how much had sneaked into my stash apparently without me knowing. Blues are something I always have plenty of – both in my sewing room and wardrobe.
    Next month is a big contrast to this one isn’t it? Orange is also something I don’t use often but I bet I’ll find some lurking somewhere in my boxes of fabric. If not it means shopping – what a shame.

    • It is great hardship, having to shop for pretty fabric, isn’t it lol?
      I’m actually way ahead, and have my November blocks all done (shhhhhh!). They’re a bit bright!
      Reason I’m getting ahead: next foot op is for 23rd November, so plan is to get Esther’s blocks made soon too, as I doubt I’ll be up for much sewing in the run-up to xmas.

      • Oh! You enjoyed it so much the first time, you’re going back for another go 😉 I suppose it’s best to get it all over with. Will you be brave and have it done with a local again? I wouldn’t be. Just saying.

      • I’ll probably be brave again lol. Not that I feel particularly brave but the nerve block had the advantge of deadening below the knee for a total of 3 days, which meant no pain, even if it was really wierd. And I don’t like general because I hate the fuzzy Wake-up feel afterwards. Trying not to think about it too much for the moment. Needs to be done, just best to get it out of the way before xmas. Plus, I have a wedding to attend in May next year!

  2. I saw your gorgeous blocks somewhere already, and thought they looked splendid with the ones I sent! It was a relief, as duck egg blue is a little hard to judge! I am thinking on Miss November, have gone through my stash and am seeing some gaps, so alas, I may have to go shopping. I know you aren’t looking forward to getting the other foot done, but take heart, you only have two feet, so you will be done after this one! 🙂

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