a birthday beanie in Marriner Mermaid “Mirage”

Our neighbours’ baby daughter was 1 year old on 29th September.  Doesn’t time fly? 

I wanted to gift her something hand-made but didn’t want to make any toys as I figured they would arrive aplenty from family members.  So, after some thought, I sat down with my crochet hook and a new ball of very bright yarn to crochet a hat.  Winter is only just around the corner, after all.  There was lots of crocheting and unravelling as I began.  I didn’t exactly follow a pattern, but was using a couple of on-line sources for inspiration.  My problem came from the fact I was using DK yarn, whereas most people seem to write patterns for Aran & Chunky when it’s hats – so it took forever to work my circle to the right size.  Also, no one seemed to agree about head circumference for a 12 month baby and I didn’t want to go dashing across the road with my tape measure.

Anyway, I ended up being inspired by the pattern by Janet, to crochet a beanie with earflaps.  Whilst still referring to this link which explains how to calculate hat size.




And here’s the beanie, complete with 2 small pompoms on top, earflaps and plaited ties.


It’s very basic.  Crocheted in a Marriner DK yarn (colour “Mirage” from their Mermaid range).  I hadn’t heard of Marriner yarn before but Viking parents gifted me a couple of balls, in different colourways.  Because I’m curious, I checked out the on-line store and may well be ordering in more at some point because it was lovely to work with.  And very reasonably priced!  Only £1.50 for a 100g ball.  I weighed up the yarn remaining, after this beanie, and I still have 54g left.  Enough to crochet up another beanie, or to make something else.

Anyway . . . the birthday gal looks lovely in her new hat.  It’s a teensy bit on the big side, but not so big that it looks silly.  It should keep her head & ears warm this winter and quite possibly next winter too.