F2F Season 3 # Miss July

Time to share with you the colour inspiration and blocks made for Miss July, in the F2F swap, organised by Kate.

Miss July is Sue and her colour inspiration is blues on white.


Here are the blocks I made, finding my inspiration for patterns, as always, thanks to Wendy Russell and her superb library of blocks Patchwork Square.  Wendy gives detailed instructions with pictures and precise measurements to make hundreds of traditional blocks.  Her site really is a treasure trove.

Anyway, my first block is Checkmate.

Sue 01

Second block is Jaw Hawks

Sue 02

and third block is Folded Corners.

Sue 03

Believe it or not, all fabrics for these blocks came from my stash, and some even from my scrap bags.  I didn’t realise I had so many blues!  And what I find fascinating with patchwork, is how colour layout, with lights & darks, plus simply turning a segment around the other way, can totally change a design.  The two blocks:  Jaw Hawks and Folding Squares are made with exactly the same pieces but sewn together differently!

Don’t forget, if you want to see the blocks other members made for Sue, then you only need to click on this link: F2F and it’ll take you to the gallery.

As with the blocks made in June, I made a fourth block in Sue’s colours, but for myself.  And as in June, I made an Old Fan.  (The plan being to make an Old Fan each month, in the colours of the month, to make myself a souvenir quilt at the end of the 9 months).

Old Fan July

So, lots of fun sewing with blue . . . next month it’ll be turquoise, grey and black on white . . . and I am Miss August!


10 thoughts on “F2F Season 3 # Miss July

  1. I have your fabrics sorted out and need to get cracking soon, as I have a huge drain on my time next month and almost no time for sewing…
    I think I like Checkmate best, but they’re all beautiful, so it’s a close thing!

  2. Those are beautiful, Claire! I have been happily surprised at how much I’ve pulled from my stash for F2F3 as well. 😄 Yours will be on their way soon, I am trying to get ahead before the fall rush with new piano students.

  3. More lovelies. I’m away at the moment but will be making a start on yours as soon as I get back as I’ve finished my own own three. At least my blocks for you haven’t got far to travel.

    • plan for the Old Fans in each lady’s colours will for a small lap quilt I think.
      As for what will I do with the blocks I receive in August . . . probably make a big quilt lol.

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