ScrapHappy – if the hat fits . . . (and unbirthday in July)

I’m linking up with Kate and Gun, the two ladies who organise ScrapHappy, which is a once a month post (always on 15th) to encourage us crafters to make use of our scraps.

Earlier this month, I showed you a couple of sewing projects, where I was having some trial and error with tunic sewing.  I did end up with 2 completely wearable tunics, it’s just that one of them is too big for me.

Anyway . . . whoever does clothes making knows that you always end up with a fair amount of fabric scraps (or is it just me?).  I’ll probably use some of my leftover tunic fabric for patchworking, but I was still on a roll with sewing patterns, so wanted to see if I could actually make something else out of my grey floral fabric.  And found the perfect project!


I made a baby’s sun hat!  NewLook # 6274.

hat 02

Another learning curve for me . . . who’d have thought I’d be trying my hand at making a hat one day?   With the hot summer here, and 9 month old little girl just opposite, soon to be going to Corsica for the summer holidays, I decided to make and gift the hat as an un-birthday present for July.

I had asked the Mum beforehand for baby’s head measurement which corresponded perfectly to the pattern size M.  And it fits!

Mona hat 01

Hmmmm . . . little neighbour isn’t quite sure if it matches her pink PJs.

Mona hat 02

She’s not even sure you’re supposed to wear a hat when you’re almost ready for bed.

I’ll definitely be making a few more baby hats in future!

Linking up also to other crafters who regularly join in with ScrapHappy.

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29 thoughts on “ScrapHappy – if the hat fits . . . (and unbirthday in July)

  1. Aw, that’s so cute. La petite looks less than grateful though 😉 I wonder if her Mum will be able to get her to keep it on. My first daughter wore hats all the time when she was a baby and toddler – she had quite the collection – my second wouldn’t keep one on for love nor money.

    • pattern is cute, isn’t it? I’m hoping to make a couple of play suits for Baby Viking, but for NEXT summer when he/she will be at toddling age

  2. Aw what a special giftie for your little neighbor. She’s so cute.
    You did a great job on the hat. Scrap Happy sounds like it has some really good ideas. 🙂

    • thanks for stopping by Johanna, and for commenting!
      I think neighbour’s big sister would like one too, but my pattern is only for babies & toddlers. Need to see if I can adapt.

    • too true.
      However Baby Viking is due in August so probably won’t need a sun hat this summer (summer in the UK will be short-lived I expect) . . . but for 2019, when I know if I’m sewing for a girl or boy, most definitely!

      • That’s right, you don’t know what it is! Yes, I can see that would be a problem… but maybe a pale yellow or green to welcome the wee one into the world? 😉

      • Daddy Viking is following a family tradition . . . despite being able to know the gender in advance, thanks to ultra-sound we, in this family, prefer to have a surprise at birth.
        Funnily enough, it was fine when I set the rules during my first pregnancy back in 1987 . . . but as a future grandma, who is eager to craft, I’ll admit it is slightly frustrating lol.

  3. She is so cute! Is that Cleo’s little sister? Lucky them, I love Corsica and would love to go back there on holidays. Well done on the hat it’s really looking great 😊

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