F2F Season 3 # Miss June

And we’re off . . . ‘tis the month of June, so ladies in the F2F block swap (organised by Kate), myself included, have been busy making 12” blocks for Miss June in her colour choice.


The above being the very subtle range of colours chosen by Lynn.  Shades of grey, beiges, a faded rose pink and cream.

Blocks have been sent and received, so I can show you my interpretation.

Lynn 01

First block is called “Brave World”.

Lynn 02

Second block (which gave me no end of trouble trying to get things lined up) is “Crow’s Feet”.

And the third block

Lynn 03

is called “Folded Corners”.

I wasn’t too sure about Lynn’s colour choice before I began sewing, but as blocks came together, her colours started to grow on me.  That’s one of the great things about this swap:  learning to use colours we wouldn’t normally choose for ourselves.

Anyway, while tidying up my sewing table, folding away leftover fabrics and scraps, I decided to make a fourth block, in these colours, but for myself.  In fact, I have decided I’m going to make a fourth block each month, so I have a souvenir of fabrics used for this block swap.

The pattern I followed for my own block was “Old Fan”.  I went a little overboard on the pink, but I think it turned out rather pretty.

old fan

Kate, the lovely lady organising this swap is keeping the gallery up to date on the F2F blog, so if you fancy seeing what other ladies made for Lynn in these colours, just click and hop over.

17 thoughts on “F2F Season 3 # Miss June

  1. You blocks are lovely……….and they tell me that the rose pink i picked up is not light enough compared to yours. Back to the drawing board this weekend when I go shop-hopping, here’s hoping I find something that works!

    • I don’t know if my pink is the right colour, Moira so don’t base your blocks on mine. Have you checked out the F2F gallery to see what other ladies have made?

    • I love these blocks Claire and I’m glad you named them on here under the photos so I know which one is which now. I love your Crows Feet especially 😉 Well worth the effort you put into it and it looks perfect to me.
      I’m also going to make blocks from each person’s colours but I’m going to do scrappy ones both as a little memento and as something to contribute for Scraphappy Day every month! That will probably make for a very uncoordinated, strangely coloured quilt but, hey, it will be a challenge to make it look good.

    • Moira – don’t fret too much. The pink Claire used in the Crows Feet block is sort of what I had in mind – a sort of vintage, dusty colour (or ‘dirty’ pink as Kate calls it). I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever you come up with.

  2. You’re so right about learning to love and use colours you wouldn’t normally choose. I have learned to love the softer shades of purple after not being a fan for the longest time. I’m not sure I’ll ever learn to love yellow, but at least now I’m happy to work with it 🙂 Lovely blocks, they’ll be a real asset to Lynn’s growing collection!

  3. I was a bit iffy about the colour palette too, but your squares look beautiful, they really work together. It is fun trying out new colour combinations you’d never think of yourself 🙂

  4. In my constant pursuit of trying to dress myself properly, which is a lifelong educational process, I have discovered late in life that yes, indeed, combining neutral colors is a good strategy of design. These squares illustrate that point quite well. Quite surprising, but it’s a thing of beauty.

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