Scrap Happy # June – “crinkle toys”

I’m linking up with Kate and Gun today, for the once a month ScrapHappy post.  The idea being to try and make the most of our scraps which we seem to accumulate and never throw away.   I try to keep my fabric scraps fairly organised, in different plastic bags according to colour, but I also cut 2.5” squares from scraps from time to time, and store them in a little box because you never know when pre-cut squares will come in handy.

I had an idea to make a couple of baby toys and these little scrappy squares were exactly what I needed.   I could have chosen more harmonious colours, but I wanted to keep them as busy and random as possible.

scraphappy 02

scraphappy june 01

Two small blocks quickly sewn together.    The finishing wasn’t entirely “scrappy” but it was definitely very economical.  I had bought some micro fiber dusters not long ago (1.80€ for a pack of lovely bright colours).

crinkle toy 01

And I had also bought a few toy making accessories, namely mini rattles (1.5cm in diameter) and some teething shapes.  So . . . I proceeded to make mini quilts with my two blocks.  Still with ScrapHappy in mind, I pieced scraps of wadding until I had the right size to match the blocks.  And inside  I also slipped a piece of “crinkle paper”  except mine is cut from an empty packet of Senseo coffee bags.

crinkle toy 02

Then added the teething shape and binding.  This one, with spotty fabric from my F2F2 quilt and a bright yellow back will be for a niece’s baby, due in September.

crinkle toy 03

The binding for the second one, leftover from the “a little bird told me” baby quilt.  With a purple key and bright green back – this for Baby Viking.

crinkle toy 04

crinkle toy 05

So there they are!  Two home-made “crinkle” toys.  Each with a soft texture on the back; crinkle paper & tiny rattle sewn inside, and a key for teething.  Not counting the cost of cotton fabrics & wadding, which were scraps,  I estimate they cost less than 2€ apiece to make (with bought supplies of micro fiber, teething key and mini rattle).

2 crinkle toys 01

They measure approx 8” square.

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24 thoughts on “Scrap Happy # June – “crinkle toys”

    • I actually read somewhere that grandparents really shouldn’t spoil grandkids by gifting too much “stuff” as it only created clutter for the parents and sometimes friction. I therefore won’t be going overboard but a few educational toys didn’t seem like too much lol.

  1. This is really creative! It’s so practical, too, because babies often get bored with or never bother with their teething toys. This one has different textures and noises to draw a baby into it, bite on, and calm down.

    • Feel free to do the same ^^ I don’t have copyright for this as I was simply inspired by a few ideas of toys I saw on the internet, and just worked out how to make a few without breaking the bank.

    • you can actually buy crinkle paper, which appears to simply be a sheet of plastic. I used an empty bag of Senseo coffee bags, because I figured it’s “safe” since it was food packaging. No idea how it’ll hold up when the thing is washed, and Mums will have instructions NOT to tumble dry or iron lol. I suggest you look in the larder at various food packagings and see what makes a nice noise. Crisp packets would possibly work, maybe plastic pasta packaging too. It needs to be the kind of plastic you have to cut and which won’t tear to easily. I even rinsed a few empty cat food sachets which I might try on my next attempt as they seem quite sturdy.

    • thank you Kerry ^^ I’ve got some more textured fabrics in my stash, including minky and some small bits of upholstery fabric. Will probably make a few more along the same lines, but with a variety of textures.

  2. You are very clever and recycling to boot. As it is a teething item, you could use make some without the crinkle paper, no wadding but with a soft flannel/wind breaker fabric, with fluffy side inward. Then it could be a dribble bib

    • yep I’ve got some textured fabrics, and I also plan on making a few bibs too . . . but these toys were perfect for ScrapHappy ^^

    • you can buy special crinkle paper, but I was working on a scrap project which I why I used an empty Senseo packet. I think any packaging from food products would be fine (good strong crisp or peanut sachets well-cleaned). Just need to remember NOT to iron the thing once it’s made or the crinkle paper will melt.

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