cloth baby books – warts and all.

Mummy & Daddy Viking are getting ready to welcome Baby Viking.  Still 2 months before due date, but there’s DIY going on in their home, involving plastering, painting, and laying parquet.

I’m keeping busy here and starting to prepare a few things.  My first crafting project being inspired by

vignettes 01


vignettes 02

Two different series of farmyard animal fabric squares.  Which I sliced and sashed



I won’t bore you with all the pages . . . you get the idea!  Then quilted and assembled to make a cloth book.

viking book 01

Assembly didn’t go quite as expected, but I honestly don’t think Baby Viking will be criticising grandma’s sewing (at least I hope not!).  A lovely bright green and some purple for the cover –  2 of grandma’s favourite colours.  And pig prints on front and back because Daddy Viking loves pigs.

viking book 03

The inside looks like this.

Viking book 02

There are a total of 16 pictures in this book, for Baby Viking, and a matching green silicon teething flower.

While on a roll . . . and because my English niece is expecting a baby boy in September.  The cover in orange (another of my favourite colours).

orange book 01

I changed my page assembly technique for the orange book.  And there are only 12 pictures in this one.

orange book 02

orange book 03

I bet you’re wondering what that little orange tag thing is for, aren’t you?  Well, that was something that didn’t go according to plan.  There’s always something, isn’t there?  The plan was to add a tag and popper so this book could be kept fastened shut.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account the thickness of the closed book (with all those wadded pages) . . . and my tag was too short.  I couldn’t remove it because that would have meant messing up my seams . . . so it’s just there, for no reason other than for people to wonder why it’s there.  I’m sure my future great nephew will find a use for it. Possibly something to chew on, or simply to fiddle with while turning the pages?

22 thoughts on “cloth baby books – warts and all.

    • thanks Catherine ^^ As future grandma, I feel that educational gifts are the most important to work on. And hope Baby Viking will learn all animal names in French as well as English.

    • I wanted to avoid buttons, for the reason you mention, and am probably going to just leave it. Turns out the book stays shut on its own anyway, without need for a fastening so I’ll just leave well alone lol.

  1. Its obvious what the tag is – It is an investigation tag – I am sure baby will spend hours investigating it, A lovely idea Claire and things do not have to be perfect for a child to love them. When my GS was born I made a patchwork quilt for when he went into a bed. Every other square being a picture. The alphabet with pic to match among them. When I was getting near to the end I must have been in a hurry to complete it but it was not till it was finished and photographed I realised I had a big error – my alphabet ends with WVXYZ lol. He is 16 this month and still will not part with it and says the error shows up his Grannys “nutty bit”.

    • I made these because I had the farm animal vignettes in my stash, but I also plan on making another couple of books with different textures.

  2. I love these. I’ll bet becoming a grandmother is just the best excuse to make things like this – I’m not holding my breath for a baby in my immediate family just yet so I’ll just have to enjoy seeing what you choose to make for your petit enfant.

    • I do plan on making some baby clothes too, but have decided to wait until after birth, and we know what gender. In the meantime, I’m having lots of fun using bright fabrics and just making things up as I go along really.

  3. When he’s old enough, he’ll practice his pincer grip with it! You can’t go wrong with animal books, and cloth ones are even better. 😄 Many hours will be spent with these over the years!

  4. What a great idea! So good for little kids! I wish I could press your “like” button, but my program (or WordPress) want let me. It just sais Loading… and nothing more happens. I´ve coontacted WordPress for help.

    • thank you ^^. I’ve got a few farm animals left, plus another piece of fabric with some frogs . . . so possibly another baby book or two to come.

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