flooding the Close

Well we had a bit of unwelcome excitement last night!

We had rain and a storm  which began around 10pm . . . were woken from our slumbers around 11.30pm by a neighbour banging on the door, and the view outside was


Now, we have a little stream which runs along the edge of our land . . . but all this water actually came from further upstream.  It seems that upstream, there were tree trunks and branches which were stopping the normal flow, and with the rain, the stream had swelled up out of its banks.  Water, as always, looking for the shortest route to flow . . . and that route, bringing it directly down the little side road in the Close and towards our house.

Luckily, we have quite a high pavement just in front of the house, so the flow swept off at a right angle and continued on its merry way, flooding neighbour’s terrace and surrounding land, until it eventually made its way back to the stream further down.

Neighbours and husband were all outside in wellies until the early hours, tryng to clear the drainholes of silt and debris the waters brought with them.  And suddenly, after a few hours, the waters subsided.

This morning we woke up to mud everywhere, but the ground was surprisingly dry, considering.

As far as I know, only one family had to be evacuated, with around 30cm of muddy water in their house.  We and close neighbours got off lightly.  Our garage has about 2cm of mud which will need clearing and there was also a minor infiltration in my husband’s workshop area.


But the most urgent job for today was to clear the mud which had settled on pavements and terraces.  The local council were out clearing the “main” road which was under about 5cm of mud and littered with tree trunks and smaller debris.

They’ll also be coming round to assess the damage because, as water flooded down and around, it literally took half the road surface with it.

road01 (2)


road03 (2)


Husband even found this amongst the debris


The stream running along our land is actually lower than it usually is at this time of year, but the current is a lot stronger.


The banks are high enough here, that there is no risk.  It’s the part farther upstream we need to worry about.

Another storm and more rain is forecast for tonight.  Fingers crossed the stream doesn’t come visiting again because we haven’t finished cleaning from last night yet. And when we’ve finished cleaning mud, we’ve got a pile of sand to shift too.


That was all deposited there during the night too as the water flooded over the land trying to get back to the stream.  I’m just really glad all our pets were indoors and our hens & veggies patch were not in the flood path.

24 thoughts on “flooding the Close

  1. My sympathies – I do know exactly how you feel! A few handy sandbags might come in useful, to divert the flow as much as possible. The worst of the clearing up is how smelly the mud can be!

    • I was actually thinking that since the floods brought a huge pile of sand . . . I could make my own sandbags with some old pillow cases lol.

      • Take care with the floods, and care with the sand/silt. Here they put warnings out reusing old sand, as it can contain debris and other contaminants washed in with the flood.

      • thanks Debbie. One week later and our garage is almost mud-free. We let it dry out first because we attempted to clean, but there’s still a very wet patch left to dry.

  2. Yikes! We always wonder this time of year as the anniversary of the Rapid City Flood goes by…the creek is a good 1/4 mile away, but upstream shenanigans can make things a bit crazy down here in no time at all. I feel for you cleaning up, that is never a fun job, even under the best of circumstances. Glad everyone stayed safe!

  3. Thank goodness you weren’t more badly affected but, I must admit, I would have been scared half to death by somebody rapping on my door at that time of night. I might have had to go and jump up and down on my trampoline just to calm down a bit 😉
    We’ve had a sunny, hot day today – at last – but I have been informed by those in the know that Sunday is going to be terrible. Tant pis.

  4. So glad to learn you got off lightly! Hope the folks upstream can get the debris cleared out before the next heavy rain so this won’t happen again. Best of luck with the clean up, that can’t be fun.

    • I think the Council sent workers upstream to make sure it’s all cleared now. A shame the locals didn’t make a habit of doing it on a regular basis because that would have saved us a lot of work. Nevermind – mud happens lol.

    • lol fish didn’t honestly look very appetising – hubbie threw it back in the stream so it’ll be dinner for a bigger fish.

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