F2F3–FootSquare Freestyle season 3

Kate is a gem!  She’s organising the third season of the F2F patchwork quilt swap.   The swap works thus:  there are nine of us taking part.  Each lady has chosen her colour inspiration and each lady has been allocated a month.  Each month, we all make & send three 12” (finished size) patchwork blocks for the lady of the month in her choice of colours.   We will therefore all end up with 27 blocks.   I had lots of fun as Miss February last year, in season 2 (F2F2), making blocks for other ladies, often out of my comfort zone where colours were concerned.  My colour choice last time was bright orange, green & blue on white.  Which resulted in a vibrant, cheerful quilt.

F2F2 finished 01

This year’s F2F swap officially starts on 1st June, running through until February.   I’m Miss August this year, and my colour inspiration is: turquoise, black & grey on white.


Before I get carried away with those colours, though, I need to do some fabric shopping (what a hardship!) because there is Lynn to sew for in June.  She’s chosen neutral shades of grey, some beige and cream, with vintage faded rose pinks.  Greys I have in my stash.  Beige and cream too.  But vintage faded rose pinks are not something I tend to use – hence the urgent need to fabric-shop so I can get patchworking asap. 

You’ll be able to see everyone’s colour inspiration, as well as blocks once they are made here: FootSquare Freestyle.