SAL “ Getting Ready” #12

Hello everyone!  Needle has been flying in order to have some decent progress to show for the SAL.  I worked on “Getting Ready” for a full week, putting in about 2 hours of stitching each evening.  This is a kit by Design Works, and adapted from a painting by Ronald West.

In order to admire progress, here’s a “before” photo from 6th May.

GR 06 05

And “after”

GR 27 05

Not bad, eh?  I’ve been concentrating on the second waiter but also adding a few other colours when I got bored of stitching with white & greys.  The tub of flowers on the right has a few leaves . . . the vase to the left is beginning to take shape . . . and the green shutters in the middle.  No backstitch added this time as I’d like to complete this big chunk and then bring it to life.

I’m now off to see what my fellow SAL stitchers have been up to on their various projects.

Avis, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina,

Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Linda, Mary Margaret,

HeidiJackie, Sunny, Hayley, Tony, Megan, Timothy

Next update on 17th June. 

27 thoughts on “SAL “ Getting Ready” #12

  1. Wow – for saying you were busy with other projects you seem to have gone wild with this. Think we saw the smoke from France when you needles caught fire lol. I was flicking between yours and Avis’s to compare and really the only big bits you have left to do are the carpet and the tablecloth. The rest looks to be all bitty little pieces – though they often take the most time. A couple more sessions and you will be putting your dance shoes on.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of progress! Good for you! And let me offer my condolences on the loss of Merlin. Losing a pet is so hard, they truly are members of our families. Too bad he wasn’t like his namesake, growing younger with the passage of time instead of older (according to some versions of the legend anyway).

  3. Your needles has been hot! That is a pretty design. I joined Stitch Maynia and instead of all new starts I have mostly been working on my WIPS. I am doing a different wip for the entire month of May.

  4. You’ve made so much progress — really wonderful to see how this is coming together. I’m also so sorry for your loss — Merlin looks like he was a lovely cat.

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