RIP Merlin

A sad day yesterday – our oldest cat, Merlin, died.  He was almost 12 which isn’t that old for a cat, so it was rather unexpected.

amigurumi roary 09

On Thursday he was less active than usual (when you see following photos, you’ll understand how difficult it is to tell “less active” from “active”).  On stroking him, I noticed his body & ears were cold, despite him lying out in the garden with temps around 26°C.  Phone call to vet to explain symptoms.  They said “hypothermia” is never a good sign – bring him in immediately”.  We did.

They hospitalised him to warm him up and set up an IV drip as he was slightly dehydrated.   Body temperature was 36°C, which confirmed hypothermia.  A blood test was done which showed high levels of urea – indicating kidney  failure.  Vet could not determine whether hypothermia was the cause or the result.  When we went to visit him Friday morning, the vet greeted us with a glum face.  Merlin had died an hour earlier.

Sad, and rather sudden, but we have lots of memories.  A few photos of Merlin, doing what he did best

sleeping merlin 1

sleeping merlin 2



32 thoughts on “RIP Merlin

  1. So, so sorry for your loss Claire. Whatever anyone says, pets are more than animals they are a member of your family and like any other family member they hold a piece of your heart. Not sure any words will comfort you right now but know I am thinking of you. Many Hugs Helen xxx

    • Yes he was a fine specimen of the ordinary tabby cat and had a lovely calm temperament. Used to happily clean our our cats, especially Ducky who would stretch out waiting for a grooming session – looks like Ducky is going to have to wash himself from now on.

    • thanks Kathy – we’re just glad he was home and we were able to get him to vets. Even though the end result wasn’t happy, at least we know we did what we could.

  2. Oh dear, poor Merlin and poor you. Kidney disease is very common in cats – they tend not to drink enough. He left too young and you will all miss him I’m sure 😦

    • yep. What’s strange though is we had blood tests done on Merlin in October last year just as a check-up and all organs were functioning fine then. Still that was 7 months ago, I suppose in an older animal things can degenerate quite rapidly.

  3. Oh, poor Merlin!!! I am so sorry for you all. There is nothing like a laid back cuddly tabby cat. I am sure all the family, two and four legged will miss him vet much.

  4. Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat – no matter how big or small a pet is, they take a bit of your heart with them! He looks like he had a lovely life and has left you with good memories.

  5. I’m sorry you have lost an old friend. The fur kids can be come so very dear, can’t they? He’ll leave a bit of a hole in your life, but I’m very glad that you have some photos to remember him by. xxx

  6. I’m sorry your cat is no longer with you. On the bright side, he lived a good long life! 12 is a good age. And he got to spend his time on earth where cats love to be, in the countryside.

  7. I’m so sorry – it really is very hard to lose a cat, no matter what their age. He had a great home with you, so had a good life. He was a beautiful cat.

  8. I’m so sorry and sad to hear about Merlin’s passing. He had such a wonderful life with you and glad you have these memories to hold near and dear to your heart. RIP sweet boy ❤

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