happy dancing and a new start

bothy cats finished

I’m having a happy dance with a recent cross stitch finish: “Row of Cats”, a kit by Bothy Threads.  As already mentioned, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the backstitch on this project, which was better suited to stitching on evenweave rather than the 16 count aida supplied in the kit.


I wasn’t terribly impressed by the Lana wool either,  which was supplied to stitch some of the cats & then brush them to make them fluffy. I therefore didn’t use the Lana, and just substituted normal cotton threads (there was more than enough in the kit).  Bothy Threads will be receiving feedback from me about those two issues.   After going cross-eyed with backstitch on cats, I made an executive decision and didn’t stitch cats’ names along the top.  I think it looks nice and “crisp” without.  However, all in all, this was a fun design to stitch.  I changed one cat’s colour simply because I wanted to make him a bit different – can you spot him?  With all cats being quite small, and the various colourful toys along the bottom, it was easy to pick up and make progress even when I only had half an hour to spare.

I’ve given my aida a quick iron for the photo before folding it away.  It will become a cushion cover when I feel in a cushion cover making mood.

In the meantime, one finish means I’m allowed to delve in my cross stitch stash to choose a new project!  I’ve still got a lot of work to do on “Getting Ready” for the 3-weekly group SAL, so I thought it unwise to start anything too big or intricate.  I’m therefore going to start on a very small design by Permin. 

permin robot

Design size is only approx 60 x 35 stitches so it should stitch up quite fast.  This kit comes with a generous supply of thread, and a large piece of dark cream 14 count aida plus a large piece of muslin with instructions to make it into a mobile phone case.  I already know, before starting, that I won’t be making a phone case so I’ve put the supplied fabrics away, to use for something else, and I’ll be stitching on an antique white 14 count.  I checked backstitch first lol . . . there’s quite a lot of it, but it appears to correspond to holes.

25 thoughts on “happy dancing and a new start

  1. When the previous project just finished was not exactly 100% perfectly fun because of wool and backstitching, go for an easier, relaxed next project! The cats are a row of darlings and I like your individual touches and color swapping. The robot looks very straightforward!

  2. I prefer patterns to kits, where possible. I have used so many kits where the fabric has been changed for one reason or another, and the times I have run out of thread or had loads left over, and often the former are the more expensive kits.
    Well done on your happy dance too.

    • I’m a bit lazy as in I do like to be able to just open a kit and get started without having to go through my stash and find the correct colours for a chart.

  3. I love your cats! Very happy cats too by the look of it. It’s a shame about the instructions and kit giving you grief, but it is good you pass this back to them.

  4. The cats look brilliant, even if you were tearing your hair out with the backstitch. I’m sure Bothy Threads will welcome your feedback. Your experience will definitely make me look at packaging more closely when I buy kits in future.

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