eye candy

I’ve been extremely naughty of late . . . unable to resist having a flurry of shopping with Mr Visa and buying in reams & reams of gorgeous fabrics!  First up, I went searching for some “solid” colours to match my recent buy of the Hungry Caterpillar stars.  That’s the fabric I bought to make a baby quilt for Baby Viking. 

I bought in a skinny quarter of each colour and I’ve got 2m of the star fabric.  Solid white will probably also be used, but these are the new fabrics, hand-picked for my first grandchild.

gender neutrals

Some people query the wisdom of buying patchwork fabric on-line because they find it difficult to match colours.  I have to say, I’ve never encountered this problem.  I just placed my star fabric on my computer desk while shopping, and chose colours on screen.  The star fabric was bought from Pelenna Patchworks and the six colours from a French seller on etsy.

You won’t see these fabrics again until after baby is born. 

Next, I took advantage of a 50% off sale on Jaycotts – one of my favourite on-line shops for clothes-making patterns.


I hope to try and make myself a pair of fitted trousers – but that won’t be my priority sewing project.  And couldn’t resist grabbing some baby & toddler patterns (plus a Kids dress pattern, thinking of our neighbour, Cléo).  The 4 baby & toddler patterns all offer options to make for little boys or little girls (even though there’s a little girl modelling for the two middle ones). 

With Baby Viking due in August, and my English niece expecting a baby boy in September, I won’t try and make anything in newborn size for this summer.  Plan will be to make something for NEXT summer.  However, I’ll be able to get in some practice sewing in newborn size for a couple of my reborn dolls. 

And, because you can’t make clothes without fabric . . .  I have a favourite on-line shop located in Paris: les coupons de saint-pierre, which sells 3m cuts at unbeatable prices.   


I completely fell in love with these flamingos and bought two different colourways as well as a fun kid print, some solid white, and some white waffle cotton.  Little brain knows what these are for, but you’ll have to be patient.

And final photo to show a sneak peek of a happy dance.

sneak peek

That’s all I can show you for the time-being.  My first little sewing project as grandma to be, for Baby Viking.  Parent Vikings occasionally stop by here, so that’s all I’m willing to share for now.  It doesn’t matter they can guess what it is from the photo . . . they will still get a surprise (I hope) when they see the real thing. 

14 thoughts on “eye candy

    • lol. It feels as if we’ve known about the pregnancy for ages, but now mum-to-be is in her last trimester, it’s time to start sewing.

    • what I didn’t say is, with the clothes-making fabric, Mr Visa and I had a little chat, and he agreed it was worth spending just a little over the amount needed to qualify for free p&p lol. Hence the flamingos in two colourways. Much more economical to pay for an extra 3m of fabric rather than seeing almost as much go on postage!

  1. Shopping for supplies is the best. I agree, I’ve never had issues with colors. I think a lot of online shops are careful about photography so the color is similar enough to the real thing on a wide range of screens.

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