I had a wander about with my camera today, in search of the cats. It never fails to amaze me how they can all want to congregate on the bed with me at night yet during the day time, they keep as far away from each other as possible.

This isn’t my finest photograhy, so you have my humble apologies. I was trying to snap quickly, before they realised I was pointing a camera in their direction, which usually makes them move somewhere else.


Ducky was in one of his favourite spots . . . on the kitchen table, right next to the empty food bowls.  He had his ration of wet food for breakfast, and there’s a bowl of dried food upstairs which I always keep topped up.  But no, he’s hoping there might be more wet food if he looks hungry enough.  I’m afraid he doesn’t – he’ll have to wait until tonight!


Le Bleu is trying to tell me something, I think.  He’s all comfortable on my 2-seater sofa.  You can see my set-up with cushions at both ends to support back and feet while I’m crafting with my feet up.  I’m guessing he’s waiting for me to join him, so he can snuggle up on my lap.  He’ll have to wait a little while too.


Abby is snoozing in probably one of the hottest spots she could have found – the veranda.  The thermometer in there tells me it’s hot:


I read that as 34°C, which is behind glass, but with the veranda door and a few windows open to help let the heat out.  I really don’t know why an animal would choose to lie out in that heat, but then I’m not a cat!


And here is Merlin, being a bit more sensible.  He’s enjoying some fresh air in the garden, where it’s probably a lot cooler than in the veranda.  I think it’s only 25°C today.   Saying that – I usually put a cushion down when I sit on those chairs during the warmer weather, otherwise they burn my bottom!  And oh dear!  Just look at the state of our table (top left) – looks like I need to give that a good wash down if we’re hoping to sit outside for a cool drink!

Now that I’ve seen that mucky table top, I really can’t sit here and leave it.  So table, here I come, with a bucket of soapy water & sponge!