getting better, and . . . how’s Crafter Granny coming along?

I wanted to say two big thank yous, to two French crafting friends who sent me some post to wish me a speedy toe recovery.

pc monique

Thank you, to Monique for this lovely card and bookmark . . .


and thank you to Stéphanie who sent a lovely cross stitched card, with a haul of bookmarks.  Neither lady has a blog, but they follow me over on my French blog, and often surprise me with some thoughtful snail mail.

I’ve been making some more crochet progress. Crochet being an easy craft to do, while lounging with both feet up on the sofa.  However it did also require some sitting in the kitchen earlier on, to prepare a small freezer bag with weighting materials, and cut out a cardboard base, to slip inside the bottom. 

crafting granny 02

My “Crafter Granny” can now stand up, as long as Ducky doesn’t mistake her for a skittle, and try knocking her over!  He’s more interested in the long tail of yarn, waiting for the hair to be attached. 

Anyway, here she is, not looking like much at the moment, since she also needs arms an a pretty apron, but I’m very pleased with her so far.  This pattern, in case you fancy making your own Crafter Granny is a free pattern, generously created and made available on-line in pdf, by Zhaya Designs

Just so you know what she’ll look like . . . here is the photo I posted last time.

crafting granny WIP

I am actually toying with the idea of making 2 little aprons.  One in crochet, and one in a pretty cotton floral fabric.  I think it might be fun to combine crochet and sewing in the one project.  What do you think?

17 thoughts on “getting better, and . . . how’s Crafter Granny coming along?

    • I suppose the only asnwer is: because ^^
      Is your mouse head from the animal trophy book? or it is going to have a body and everything?
      I bought myself a copy of the “trophy” book (ordering in French, by mistake) but more for the pleasure of having it in my collection than anything else, for the moment.

      • It is the animal trophy book. I started with the mouse thinking it would be the simplest but it’s difficult because it’s so teeny tiny, using a 2mm hook :o. I had the idea of making two or three, mounting them on a little board and putting them on the wall in the conservatory where the cats live. There is a very confusing bit in the instructions – which is the same for all the heads and had me completely confounded. However, I found a young chap who crochets on YouTube. He has made the zebra, stag and lion and that bit of the instructions has apparently caused quite a few people problems so he goes through it bit by bit which is very helpful. Just got to sew it up and I’ll do a show and tell.

      • thanks for that Lynn!
        I must say, all the diagrams in the book make it look very confusing, but I was assuming they were for people who prefer diagrams, and there’s all the text for those who prefer written instructions. I’d start with a mouse too, as they’re small, but I do rather like the zebra.

    • thanks for your “vote” ^^
      Yes, I was thinking a fabric apron would make her look a little brighter and even more modern, because there is something a bit old-fashioned about the pink crocheted apron in the pattern.

  1. Hi Claire! I can’t think of a better way to recuperate than with a needle and thread:). Your little granny is going to be so adorable!! She definitely needs a fabric apron. Any real crafter like Granny tries many forms of creating from yarn to fabric! Great job❤️❤️

    • good point, Tracey! She is definitely one of those “I know how to do all crafts” kind of granny, so yes, she needs a fabric apron!

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