“row of cats” – 3 more

My cross stitching followers will be pleased to hear that I’ve put down my crochet hook over the past week . . . and have been cross stitching a little more.

bothy cats april

Which means, the four Bothy Threads cats I showed you, not very long ago, have been joined by 3 new playmates.

bothy plus 3

Well, two and a half really, since one is only a kitten.  I therefore have 7 cats on my aida

bothy x7

plus an extra toy (next to the Siamese).  I’m still hating the backstitch, but am gritting my teeth and getting it done.  Nothing worse than having to go back over an entire project with backstitch at the end.  Much less painful to do it as I go.

So . . . 2 more cats to stitch (to the left) plus a few edible items.  Next time I show you this project, I’ll be having a happy dance!