twinkle toes update

Hello folks!  A quick post for those who’ve been sending good vibes for my foot . . . Went to see surgeon today for the 3 week post-op visit, and new xrays.  I actually got to see my naked foot and toes, for about 60 seconds.  Doctor cut off the really bulky bandage which had been put on immediately after surgery and looked like this


Removed stitches.  They were actually the dissolvable ones, so a quick wipe with some iodine and they fell away.  And proceeded to bandage foot back up again.


There was me thinking I would be able to have a proper shower, getting both feet wet, but nope!  New bandage is less bulky, and more like a strapping, just to keep toes immobile for 3 more weeks.  Less bulky, but it still needs to be kept dry, and I’m still not allowed to put weight on my foot unless I’m wearing my clumpy shoe.  So another 3 weeks of taking showers while wearing shoe  and plastic bag. 

Anyway, surgeon was pleased.  I’ve been following his instructions, spending most of my time with my feet up, doing minimal walking or standing.  I’m allowed to move around a little more now, but, the more time I spend resting, the faster bones will heal.  It’s only been 20 days.  Surgeon said it takes 40-45 days for bones to be properly repaired.

I’ve been very surprised at how little pain I’ve been experiencing.  I cut down drastically on Tramadol after the first fortnight, and am only popping one 50mg at bedtime now, just to take the edge off.  Foot is tender.  Still bruised & slightly swollen, and toes are constantly tingling, with the odd twinge but I had psyched myself to expect lots of post-op pain, so the minor discomfort I’m experiencing is nothing. 

Next visit on 24th May for final xrays and to say: goodbye bandage, hello naked foot!