best layer of the month # April


81 fresh eggs this month in the coop!  Oh yes, indeed!  With Miss Plumpton being the best layer yet again.  She laid a total of 25 eggs, followed by Mauricette and Miss Moneypenny in joint second place with 21 each, and Miranda laying only 14.

Egg count is likely to go down in May . . . weather has been unseasonably warm and Miss Moneypenny is broody.

And in case you’re wondering if they’ve started laying funny eggs this month . . . no, that was just me, messing around with my crochet hook lol.

10 thoughts on “best layer of the month # April

    • You’re right, Miss Plumpton just lays because that’s what she does. And Miss Moneypenny is all fluffed up in the coop, gathering all freshly laid eggs under her feathers to keep them safe.

    • yes! I could supply you with fresh eggs for baking and you could teach me to knit!
      One of our neighbour’s is selling his house at the moment, if you’re interested! 150m2 living space, 4 bedrooms, but only one bathroom & loo downstairs. And large 400m2 plot of land, just next to our veggie patch lol.

      • There are only 2 of us, so the bathrooms would be ok! But I just asked A “Want to buy a house in the country in France?” And she said “no, thanks” so I guess we will pass. 😢 I wonder if she thought I was kidding?

      • I tried to interest my friend, Avis, in the UK. She was tempted for 5 seconds, but wouldn’t like the hot summers we get here.

      • I was thinking of it as a second house – a place to spend the winters, actually. Your winters are so much more mild (and shorter) than ours.

        My sister lived in Paris for several years, it amazed me how hot it got there, and how early (we were there in May once, it was unbearable!) and I don’t blame people for leaving in August! Hard to believe it is farther north than we are, when we equate north with cooler. 🙂

    • thank you ^^
      I did start taking notes of what I did, as I crocheted, but then things went a bit free-style lol.

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