resting feet not hands

As you all know, I’ve been having to keep my feet up since foot op.  The first few days of complete bed-rest actually whizzed by.  I was rather zonked out with painkillers and content to just vegetate and snooze while watching DVDs in bed.  However, the surgeon had said I could get up after 3 days and put weight on my foot as long as I wore the following.  So get up after 3 days I did!


A very elegant (not) pair of clumpy shoes with velcro straps for fastening.  They do the job of keeping foot supported, not allowing the foot to bend or flex, but enabling me to walk around without crutches.  My foot still looks huge, partly because it’s still swollen but mainly because of the bandages. Oh, and I even have to wear the right shoe in the shower (protected by a plastic bag of course).

Elegant or not, I’m going to have to get used to them as surgeon has said I’ll need to wear them for approximately 6 weeks.  To be honest, I’m not really that fussed.  I never wear anything elegant or fashionable anyway . . . so I’m just pleased to be able to get around (crutches being rather difficult to coordinate when trying to go up and down stairs).

Anyway . . . before my op, I had gathered together several crafty WIPs all within easy reach, and in preparation for the enforced bed-rest.  As it turned out, the only crafting I felt like doing was crochet. 


This fun 3-eyed monster is something I had actually begun in March, but it was awaiting arms, legs and assembling.  So, while looking at my own swollen toes, I crocheted 4 sets of 3 blue toes for this monster and sewed all parts together.  This is a design by Moji Moji Designs, and published in


I had also printed out a free chart from the internet, and prepared a shoe box with the necessary yarns to start a new crochet project.  New project being

crafting granny WIP

A “Crafter Granny” and the design generously offered by Zhaya Designs.  If you click on the link you can download the instructions, available in several different languages.  As you can see, my Granny has a head already, and I’ve begun work on her hair. 

22 thoughts on “resting feet not hands

  1. That shoebox of yarns must be a big one if it’s what your elegant new footwear came in! I do love your monsters and the Granny, one so silly and entertaining, and the other so useful!

    • I do so enjoy a silly crochet project and had such fun with the eyes lol. Maybe less fun with the toes, but it’s all a learning curve.

  2. Well, this fun projects are making the time go quickly for you! Soon you will be out and about with the boot, and then no boot.😊 the mister is adorable, and the granny is so fun! How is your pain level? Has it decreased enough to be comfortable most of the time, or are you still having to be careful of how you move your foot? Happy day to you Claire!

    • I’ve been surprised at the low level of pain, Kathy. I have been taking anti-inflammatories and Tramadol, but am currently only popping 50mg of Tramadol twice a day now. Foot throbs a bit in the evening, but this has been surprisingly pain-free so far.

  3. What a fancy shoe 🙂 – wishing you a speedy recovery so that in no time you’ll be up and running again without it. Your monster is super cute and I can’t wait what your Granny will look like. I love how each one comes out so unique even though we all follow the same instructions.

    • went out for the first time today since op, just to do shopping in Lidl, wearing black velcro shoe on right foot and a turquoise “clog” on the other (even though I do have a left foot for the velcro pair). Got a few strange looks but when people saw me with my hobbling gait, they soon realised there was a medical reason for my elegant shoe.

  4. I love these monsters!!! I´m also sewing monsters on a baby quilt (appliqué). It´s a secret project, so I can´t show it to the world yet! Hope your foot is healing alright!

  5. Oh I’ve seen that granny, she is very popular at the moment! I’m sure yours will look great! And I always like Moji Moji design patterns, that lady is a genius!

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