thank you Lynn

I celebrated an unbirthday this month!  And such fun it was, thanks to Lynn, aka The Tialys, who sent me loads of wonderful goodies.  Do you want to see?  Of course you do! 

Well first up, there was a selection of fabric, for future patchwork and other sewing projects.

from Lynn 02

Four animal prints – I do like a big cat! 

from Lynn 01

More interesting fabrics, with one large panel covered in patchwork houses, a lovely bright pink “cat” fabric, and some very vintage looking “vignettes” all on a wild flower theme.  Plus, at the bottom of the photo, two patterns to make vintage style teddy bears!

from Lynn 03

And . . . two gorgeous hand-knitted baby cardigans (colours are to die for – a shame they won’t fit me), a book mark, two skeins of Anchor thread and a lovely owl card.  The cardies are simply adorable, and the perfect size for my reborn dolls . . . so we had a quick photo shoot.  First the moss green & purple one, which seems to fit all girl dolls nicely.

from Lynn 06

Here it is on Alice . . . then on Grace

from Lynn 07

and on Lily (who isn’t assembled, just has head & limbs sort of stuffed inside, but you get the general idea).

from Lynn 08

And then the plum coloured one on Grace

from Lynn 10

And on Lily

from Lyn 09

I really am going to have to get my act together and take care of my reborns.  Lily and Noah have been waiting for ages for me to reassemble them.  The only clothes making I’ve done so far has been a couple of crocheted hats, one pair of trousers and a nappy – that’s not really good enough, is it?   So, once I’m back on both feet (literally) I really will have to set to work! 

14 thoughts on “thank you Lynn

  1. That looks like a veritable treasure trove of boredom-averting distractions. Tell me, is reborn-fettling not something you can do sitting down with your feet up? It seems as if it would be an ideal way to pass the time while you’re enduring enforced rest.

    • no idea what fettling means, but if it means reassemblong dolls, no, I can’t do it with my feet up. First, because I need to make Noah’s cloth body from scratch, and secondly because of the weighting materials (which are fine glass beads) – knowing me I’d upset containers in bed lol.

      • It’s sorting out, fixing, repairing, making ready. And I can quite see why you can’t do the things you describe in bed. I’d envisaged a bit of dainty hand stitching, but clearly there’s a lot more involved!

  2. Ooh! I’ve got my very own title 🙂
    You are very welcome Claire. Lovely to see my little hand knits being used instead of packed away in tissue paper – even though I still find dolls creepy 😉
    Happy fettling!

    • fettle is a new word for me ^^ I’m playing with crochet hook and watching DVDs at the moment. Brain feels a bit fuzzy to be even playing with dolls.

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