twinkle toes

right foot

Hello everyone!  A very quick post to say foot op went well and I’m already on day 3 of the complete bed-rest phase.

Photo above is of the xray taken just after (different views of my right foot) so surgeon could check the little screws are where they should be.  Don’t know if you can see, but they are in the three middle toes.

From the outside my foot looks like this


All bandaged up and still really swollen but, I am very pleased to say, I am experiencing very little pain.

The op was done on Friday, and the worst part was the anaesthetic.  I chose to have a local nerve block anaesthetic which wasn’t very pleasant while being done.  However, the advantage, once done, is that my leg went completely dead from the knee down.  I was given something to help me relax a little during the op.  Have to admit to having stage fright even if I knew I wasn’t going to feel pain.   In the end, the sounds of sawing/drilling etc were no worse than a visit to the dentist and the op only lasted about 40 minutes.

Surgeon’s instructions are for 3 days complete bed-rest, and 8 days of blood thinning injections.  I’ve got a pair of crutches which I needed for the first 2 days as right leg was still numb . . . but also have a pair of rigid support shoes, and have been managing to walk wearing those, without crutches.

Meds have been keeping pain and inflammation at bay but probably frazzling my brain slightly as I haven’t done much crafting at all.  I’ve been lying in bed, with crafting materials all around, watching DVDs and then dozing off.  I suppose that’s all part of the healing process and won’t do me any harm.