Treenway silks

Early March, I was contacted by Susan of Treenway silks in the USA.   She explained to me that her company was bringing out a new line of hand-dyed silk threads in the colourway 65 Roses Harmony ®.  That some of the proceeds of the sales of these new threads will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  She also asked if I would allow her to offer customers a copy of my free chart: “A rose by any other name” for any purchase of these new 65 Roses Harmony ® threads.

Here are two of the photos Susan sent me, to show some of the new colours.



I, of course, said yes!  Any initiative to help charities is, in my opinion, to be recommended and given full support.

What was then my surprise, when Susan got back in touch, asking for my postal address, because she wanted to send me a little thank you.   And I have just received the most gorgeous assortment of silk threads and ribbons from Susan at Treenway silks.



Beautiful vibrant colours, so soft . . . an extremely luxurious bundle.

Susan has been busy attending lots of craft festivals, and also sent me this link where you can admire all the lovely threads & ribbons including hear the story behind the new 65 Roses collection.   I also get a mention (blush blush).

19 thoughts on “Treenway silks

  1. Congratulations, both on having your pretty chart chosen to represent someone’s silks, and on the lovely reward you received for allowing them to use the design. That is a wonderful haul by anyone’s standard.

  2. Those colours are amazing! Wish that this will be available to European countries soon too – it looks so lovely, I’d love to get a hand on it too. Great that you are supporting her!

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