a Parliament of owls

Very recently, on a French forum, several ladies were showing an interest in my little crochet projects and wanted to know if I would organise a CAL.  Now, these ladies can all crochet, but have been making things like blankets, shawls, etc, and never taken the plunge to follow an amigurumi pattern. 

My followers know that I only started crocheting in February of last year, and am self-taught:  watching videos on youtube and closely following instructions in books.  Being a left-hander, I learned the left-handed way, using UK and US terminology.  Basically learning by trial and error. 

Anyway . . . I said I was up for the challenge of leading a CAL, and we decided to use the lovely free pattern by Moji-Moji Designs “Nesting Rainbow Owls” because this one had a French translation and I didn’t feel I had the strength to translate a pattern.  Yes, I’m completely fluent in French, but crochet terms and abbreviations are a different matter. 

I can’t show you photos of what the forum ladies made, since they haven’t finished yet, and besides, they won’t be my creations to show off.  I can show you my Parliament of owls though. 

None of them are perfect, and I’m still on a learning curve with colour changing (for the eyes) but there was definite improvement as I progressed.

owl 01

Here is the first little owl to fly off my hook.  Followed by

owl 02

A pretty pink one, in Pomegranite and Shrimp – eyes could have been better, but I still think she scores quite high in the cute department.

owl 03

On a roll, a third came to join the party (in Sage  and Duck Egg) . . . and I just couldn’t seem to stop.

owl 04

This last one, in Mushroom and Soft Peach is my favourite.  Not only have I got the hang of colour changing for the eyes, but I also love the softer colours.

owl 04a

I didn’t sew the wings on as the pattern suggested, just stitched along the back on mine, so the wings are open.  But that’s the lovely things with crafting – we are free to make a few changes along the way if we choose.

So, there you have it . . . my little Parliament of owls in their nest.  I can almost crochet these with my eyes closed now which means . . . it’s time to move on to a different project. 

A huge thank you to Janine, aka Moji-Moji Designs for her incredible talent and gorgeous patterns.  You’ll find the pattern for these owls, and the nest for free on her blog.