best layer of the month #March

I haven’t bothered taking any recent photos of the gals these past few weeks, but they’re all well, and strutting around, enjoying the milder weather.

country 05

I have been counting eggs as usual though, as I collect them on a daily basis, and this month there have been quite a few days when I’ve found four eggs, all snuggled up together in the straw. 

Miss Plumpton, however, is our best layer of March.  She only took a rest for 2 days this month, and laid a total of 29 eggs.  Her shells are very pale, compared to the other gals, so very easy to recognise.  Other gals all laid very well too, including the older hens. 

22 laid by Mauricette, 19 by Miranda, and 18 by Miss Moneypenny, so a grand total of 88 eggs in March.  And, yes, neighbours have been enjoying fresh eggs aplenty this month.

4 thoughts on “best layer of the month #March

    • yes the neighbours think I’m a bit strange, because of all the time I spend chatting to my hens but, they also admit to not having often seen such productive hens. And I certainly haven’t heard any of the neighbours complaining lol.

  1. Congrats Miss Plumpton, and give my love to Miss Moneypenny, my all time favorite! We went to Runnings (the farm store) yesterday and I am now in love with Swedish blue ducklings….oh my goodness, they were so sweet! I think they could run around in the backyard without the city getting in an uproar, since the wild ducks and geese are EVERYWHERE in our neighborhood (in the hundreds).

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