retail therapy

I’ve been doing a bit of retail therapy lately . . . and not feeling in the slightest bit guilty!  I read recently on Nanacathy’s blog that knitting is apparently excellent for our health and well-being.  If we follow that thought through to its logical conclusion:  retail therapy for crafting supplies must be good for us too! In moderation, of course!

I started off with some necessary shopping for sewing and patchwork . . . Not more fabric, as one could expect (that would have been naughty!).  However, my iron had seen better days, and was leaving dirty marks everywhere so I decided I needed to invest in a new one.  While on a mission to buy a new iron, I found a pretty pink full-sized iron (in Lidl for only 6€).

retail therapy 03

And then  (on amazon) a mini travel iron and a mini ironing board.  This ironing board is called a “Jeannette” in French.  It’s tiny and its original use is to iron shirt sleeves or other small sewing projects.  The travel iron (purple, of course!) is very dinky and perfect for ironing small patchwork pieces or for future reborn sewing projects.

I call these buys an essential investment because it’s impossible to sew decent seams & patchwork blocks if you can’t iron your fabric properly!

After taking care of my sewing/patchwork needs . . . I then went browsing on The Wool Warehouse, in search of a few packets of safety eyes.  And while adding those to my cart, decided it seemed only sensible to add a few balls of yarn (okay 10) to my cart, since p&p would be the same regardless.

retail therapy 01

I love how supplies arrive from The Wool Warehouse.  Always packaged and sent in a very practical draw-string bag.  I first started shopping here, because of the very reasonable postage costs to France, and since they also stock fabric for patchwork and safety eyes/noses for amigurumis, they have become one of my favourite on-line shops.

retail therapy 02

These are the ten balls of Stylecraft Special DK I have added to my stash.  Stash I am slowly building up in order to have a wider choice of colours for future amigurumi projects.  I added some neutrals to this order, as well as some nice bright colours.  I now have 20 colours to choose from in my Stylecraft Special DK stash.

stylecreft dk stash

Only 60 more colours to buy, to complete the set of colours lol.  By my calculations, if I order in 10 new colours every month, I’ll have them all by the end of September! 

17 thoughts on “retail therapy

  1. Essential supplies aren’t naughty – not sure we can include all that wool as ‘essential’ though can we? 😉
    I’m also a fan of Stylecraft yarn – the last two blankets plus my current one have been crocheted in it – the colours are amazing.

  2. I have that purple mini iron too, and a sleeve board as well for doing patchwork in the caravan. The iron is very good, but watch out for the steam shot button – it produces a LOT of steam!

  3. You definitely need at least 20 more colors, Claire, but I agree the entire collection would be the best! I used to have on do those mini ironing boards in college, it was perfect for sleeves and small stuff. I lost it somewhere in the moving around, and was just thinking about it the other day!

  4. Retail was a new word for me and it didn´t mean what I thought it would mean 🙂 I was thinking some kind of relaxing therapy, but when I looked it up in my dictionary I had to laugh. So far from my thinking 🙂 I should have guessed, though, reading your post and I agree…….retail is definitely a great therapy!!!!!!

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