giving and receiving

I have yet to decide whether it’s more fun to give or to receive.  I do love to be on the giving end, especially when it involves some secret crafting or shopping.  The waiting for the person to receive the parcel and wondering if gifts will be appreciated.  But then it’s also such fun when an unexpected parcel arrives, and to be on the receiving end.  Photos today because I have been a giver and a receiver . . .

megan bday 

Here is what I sent to my daughter, Lindashee, who turned 24 yesterday.  A Michael Powell book with 20 charts for xmas decorations/cards; 15 different colours of A4 sized felt (for future crafting projects); a pink “lipstick” needle holder and . . . a “bag bag”.

megan bag

I’m getting rather good at making these now, even if I do say so myself.   I made this one in a turquoise “umbrella” nylon fabric, so it’s completely water-proof.

On the receiving end . . . an unexpected surprise from Avis who decided I needed cheering up (after having had to listen to me whinging via email about various things I won’t go into here). 

babmoo 04

Some chocolate – we all know about the positive effects of chocolate.   A tin of Spam because Avis knows that’s something I can’t find in France, and I love the stuff!  And the most gorgeous zipper pouch, made with fabric that came all the way from China.  When I say, all the way from China, I mean that Avis’ daughter was visiting China and bought the fabric for her Mum.  Fabric which Avis then made into a zippy pouch, using her gorgeous hand-cranked Singer 99k (you can read more about that on her blog).

bamboo 02

There was also a matching bookmark hidden inside.

bamboo 01

bamboo 03

This zippy bag is going to come in handy for crochet amigurumi projects.  I am currently making a monster, and have lots of loose body parts including three eyeballs, and lots of tiny fingers & toes . . . sorry, I’ll rephrase that . . . my MONSTER has loose body parts, including three eyeballs etc.   A bright zippy bag is the perfect place to keep that lot safe until I get around to the job of assembling body parts.

17 thoughts on “giving and receiving

  1. chuckling at the body parts…

    love the things you sent your daughter, I know she will as well. And what fun to get a cheerful pick-me-up package from a friend. A friend with a wonderful sewing machine. 🙂

  2. You almost had me worried for a moment….visions of the basement laboratory and Frankenstein! We both have 24 year old daughters, that is a fun fact, yours will definitely enjoy those thoughtful gifts. 😊 Hope the chocolate does the trick or you!

  3. Very nice! Well… except the Spam. LOL. On the other hand, I always think of Monty Python when I think about Spam, which is funny.

  4. I was going to request photos of your three eyeballs and loose body parts, and then you went and spoiled it… As for the Spam, you can get it here, but I truly, deeply miss Jaffa cakes. (Fresh ones, that is, you can get nasty stale ones in specialist ‘British food’ shops)

  5. That’s a beautiful bag Avis made for you with some of her precious fabric – a very elegant way to hide monster body parts 🙂
    There are lots of foodstuffs I miss from the U.K. – spam isn’t one of them though.

  6. haha, I love that Avis sent you spam!! Thanks for posting about Michael Powell’s book. I love his work and so looked for it on Amazon. I ended up buying the 20 cross stitch rather than 20 Christmas cross stitch as I don’t usually bother with Christmas cards. What a bargain for a fiver!

    • you can always use them to make xmas décorations rather than cards lol. My daughter already has the other MP smalls and she loves his quirky designs.

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