what was all that crashing & banging about?

I mentioned only the other day that there had been lots of crashing & banging going on in our house recently.  The reason:  we were having our bathroom re-done.  And when I say “having  it re-done”, I mean, we chose to pay the professionals and let them do all the work.  We’ve done a fitted kitchen, in the past, and we’ve laid tiles, but we decided we didn’t have the skills to tackle a total bathroom refurbishment.

Bathroom which, rather strangely looked like this before work.

bathroom before 01


A bath hidden by kitchen cupboards, and a kitchen sink instead of a washbasin . . . no you’re not dreaming lol.  Previous owners had transformed their old bathroom into a kitchen but since we already have a nice big kitchen downstairs, we didn’t need another one upstairs. 

Anyway, after patiently being on the waiting list since February, for the contractors we wanted in to do the work, workmen arrived on 25th Sept and demolition began.  Work lasted over 2 weeks and now I can show you the results. 

bathroom after 05


bathroom before 02


bathroom after 03


bathroom after01


bathroom before 03


bathroom after 02


We’re really pleased with our brand new bathroom, well shower room really.  We weren’t 100% sure that our choice of tiles, colours, and floor tiles would all work together, but it’s turned out just as we hoped it would. 


18 thoughts on “what was all that crashing & banging about?

    • yes we think it’s lovely and it’ll be so much more practical when we have guests as before, everyone was having to queue up to use our en-suite shower.

  1. I suppose they had a reason to do a half conversion from a bathroom into a kitchen but why didn’t they go all the way and get the bath taken out? – people have some weird ideas. I much prefer your version 🙂

    • they were very old and basically lived upstairs during the winter months, because heat rises. They also had a wood burner installed on the first floor and one of the bedrooms was their living room ^^

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