a bit of this & that

I’ve been busy of late cross stitching on something I can’t show you just yet . . . and also putting up with lots of crashing & banging in the house, accompanied by loads of dirt & dust: the result of which I hope to reveal very soon.

What I can share with you today are the following photos . . .

knitting front and back

Progress on my sweater – yay!  This got stuffed in the bag way back in July because weather was too hot for knitting.  However, over the last few days I’ve finished the front, and begun work on sleeve n°1. 

A little crocheting happened too, but only this

flashy floater

Another floating toy for Gibbs in a very flashy neon pink (left over from a MyBoshi beanie) because . . .

flashy floater 2

. . . the first toys are still functional and floating BUT they’re looking rather sorry & grubby. Not to mention that they’re very difficult to see on dry land, when they fall in a pile of autumn leaves.  I didn’t have enough pink to cover the entire bottle, which explains why it’s a mish-mash of colours & yarns, but it’s bright pink enough to spot from quite a distance and Gibbs believes a dog can never have too many toys.

And last photo, with a big thank you to Ghislaine, one of my ex students

from Ghislaine

Ghislaine sent me a whole pile of bookmarks, including a couple to colour in, and


an oil pen !  This is a rather nifty device which contains sewing machine oil – how very clever! 


13 thoughts on “a bit of this & that

  1. The sweater body is fabulous, it is so even it will be easy to match the stripes! Gibbs will enjoy that pink toy and you will enjoy being able to find it! That oil pen is quite unique, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

    • I don’t know about beautiful, Susan lol. It’s just plain old stockingette stitch with a couple of rows of garter thrown in every so often. I’m enjoying this as a practice piece, to maintain equal tension and learn to sew all bits together afterwards.

  2. I look forward to seeing what you’ve been cross stitching.
    You’re doing an amazing job on your sweater. I admire your knitting skills.
    Your floating dog toy is such a cute idea. I can tell that Gibbs loves them. He’s a lucky puppy-dog.
    Great gifts. You’ve a good friend-student. I know your bookmarks are going to be beautiful when you color them in.

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