“sweet peas” happy dancing

I sometimes wonder if I have my head screwed on properly.  There I was, a few months ago,  knitting when temperatures were high enough to melt ice-cream in seconds . . . and now summer seems to have been and gone, I’m doing some summer sewing!


I pulled out NewLook 6889, which I used last year to make a long cotton dress (the model on the left) and a smallish piece of lovely floral fabric I bought a while back.  I’m no flower expert, but I think they’re sweet peas.  I didn’t have enough to make a second long dress, and I don’t have the legs to wear a shorter or mini dress . . . so I shortened a little more and have made a long tunic.

sweet peas 05

With pockets!


No attempts at pattern matching I’m afraid, as the floral print is rather busy.  But they’re rather nice, and very roomy and I do like the shaping at the top.


You can’t see very well in the photo, but I did French seams, so the inside is lovely and neat.  And I did 2 rows of top stitching around neckline, armholes and on hem line.  I think this is the neatest piece of clothes sewing I’ve ever done.

sweet peas 02

Gibbs seems to approve . . . or maybe he’s hoping there’s something (other than hands) in my pockets?

Anyway, even though the weather forecast for the coming days is cool and wet, I’m really pleased I made this tunic.  Autumn is almost here, so it’ll be going in the wardrobe, to wait for next summer.  And . . . I’ve cut pattern pieces in the feather fabric, so another (summer) tunic is in the making.


29 thoughts on ““sweet peas” happy dancing

  1. A pretty tunic like that is very versatile even when the weather’s getting cooler. You can wear a dark polo-neck underneath with a pair of matching pants and it’ll still look good. Very pretty fabric!

  2. I feel as if I’ve only just put my winter clothes away and in a month or so I’ll be getting them back out again. Next spring/summer will be here before you know it though 😦
    Could be some sweet peas but there’s definitely some pansies in there. Whatever the flowers are, it’s very pretty and fresh looking.

    • ah pansies – thank you for that!
      I’ve got quite a few small bits of this fabric left over (yippee) so will be able to add them to my scrap patchwork box!

  3. I love your fabric, and the tunic looks so comfy on! How lovely when you find a pattern that works for you so well! As for Gibbs, he is definitely looking at you the same way Max looks sat me when I have put something wonderful in his bowl. I imagine Gibbs is thinking you look as good as a treat, and that is quite a canine compliment!

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