some monkey business and horsing around

Sorry, couldn’t resist the title to accompany a couple of update crochet photos of amigurumi.  More specifically, of zoomigurumi, since both projects are from the first Zoomigurumi book.

monkey progress

Johnny the monkey, who is now a pile of body parts, waiting to be assembled.  I think I over-stuffed the body and head somewhat as stuffing is visible through the dark brown yarn, despite having used a 3mm hook (which is a couple of sizes smaller than recommended for this yarn).  However, I’m hoping to wangle things so that this lower body part is less noticeable when assembled.  Anyway in photo there is 1 head, 1 body, 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 tail, 1 face piece and 2 ears.

I’ve also been working on Leila the pony

pony progress

So far she looks a little freaky.  I have made and stuffed the body, head and white eye pieces.  And head is already attached to the body.  I still need to crochet up four legs which will have grey hooves.  She also needs ears and a facial expression.   Those 2 bright yarns in the box are two 50g balls of scheepjes “piccolo”  that I snapped up in our local Noz the other week.  One or the other will be used for Leila’s mane and tail.  Haven’t decided which one yet but I’m leaning slightly towards the purple.  Problem is . . . I’m planning on giving Leila to a certain 7 year old neighbour, and we all know what her favourite colour is lol.  Maybe I’ll give Leila pink & purple streaks?

Other bright colours in my life at the moment

new clogs

On my feet . . . I treated myself to a couple of new pairs of plastic “clogs” (which I realise are commonly called crocs these days, but these are not genuine “crocs”.  They’re genuine “hipps” – designed in France). I literally wear these all the time, and find them so comfortable.  I reassure you, I don’t go around with odd clogs, I do have matching feet!  This first one to show you two of the pretty pairs I bought

new clogs 2

And I also bought a pair of plain turquoise too.

Not only are my feet colourful . . . tonight’s dinner started off full of colour too.


A harvest of chards from the veggie patch where we seem to have several varieties growing.  Sadly the leaves were all full of holes or really dry, so I wasn’t able to use them like I usually do.  And a second sadly, once cooked, for some reason, all the pretty pinks and oranges seem to disappear, so all veggies look the same colour.  Still, they look pretty growing in the veggie patch!


23 thoughts on “some monkey business and horsing around

  1. You are zooming through your zoomigurumi. The clogs are very colourful, hope you sciatica us ok, you seem pretty good now. The chard would be yummy, we call it silverbeet, beautiful wilted/sauteed with garlic & butter

    • yes back problems are better now Debbie, although still not 100%. I find our walks with Gibbs help, and I haven’t been doing much bean picking this year.

  2. Thank you for sharing your body parts!
    I have never been to a Noz – however, a couple of my friends were getting very excited the other day because there is to be a grand opening of an ‘Action’ shop any day now just down the road. I’m told it’s a cross between a Poundland and a Wilco. I used to be more of a John Lewis kind of gal but anything new is welcome around these parts and, with the exchange rate being what it is, I have come to appreciate a bargain.

    • Action is one of those discount stores, I think, with cheap quality at cheap prices, although I might be wrong. I’d be getting excited too though, as I do love a cheap shop lol. What I love about NOZ is they buy up old stock from businesses and sell at bargain prices. Last year my daughter bought a pair of Doc Martens (from their 2015 collection) for 25€!!! I’ve also bought Katia yarns, DMC products and more recently the scheepjes yarn at very reduced prices. Problem is, it’s a shop where you need to pop in regularly because they never know what stock they’ll be getting in and all bargains get snapped up very quickly.

    • Well I found it had opened today and the quality is pretty good on the whole. Lots of good stationery, some decent craft supplies, nice homeware – rectangular pillow cases hoorah! – branded toiletries and cleaning products and some exciting foodstuffs like sugar free mixed nut butter and litre cartons of coconut water which don’t cost the earth. Plus – something that made me think I couldn’t possibly be in rural France – the cashiers had earpieces so, when one of my items didn’t have a price on it, she just spoke to a staff member ‘on the floor’ and they relayed the price back to her. I went at lunchtime and it was busy – apparently by mid-afternoon there was a queue to get in the car park. Happy days 🙂 (no Doc Martens though 😦 )

      • give it a few weeks and the initial crowds will thin out ^^ And yes, like you, despite the 30 odd years spent in France, I still prefer good rectangular pillows. Don’t know why the French have the square ones – they’re not very practical, in my opinion. I actually found some rectangular pillows in Gifi the other day! Decided it was time to throw out the old and buy in some new!

  3. I think Leila needs some eyelashes, too. And if it was me, I’d be crocheting a sneaky unicorn horn for her too, to go with her pink, white and purple streaked mane. Love your clogs – I have an original pair of bright green crocs which now have holes in the soles they’ve been worn so much, and a camouflage pair I wear in the garden. I wouldn’t mind that pink floral pair at all!

    • thanks for that input Kathy ^^ Purple & pink it will be then, with possibly a white horn to please those who want Leila to be a unicorn.
      I’m battling with her legs at the moment. Almost one done, 3 to go.

  4. Love the crochet projects and also the clogs. I love my crocs and am wearing a khaki pair as I type. I have several other pairs, all in different colours. So comfy and practical.

  5. In Sweden those clogs are named “Foppa tofflor” . Foppa is a well known Swedish icehockey player, Peter Forsgren, maybe you have heard of him 🙂 I think he designed them, but I´m not sure. We also have “träskor”, wood clogs, almost like your clogs, but in leather and wood!

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