best layer of the month # August


Another month has whooshed by and our three hens have all been quite industrious in the shade of the old apple trees.


Miss Moneypenny is the Queen of the coop for the second month in a row.  Completely making up for her broody months in May and June.  In August she laid 26 eggs . . . Miranda in second place with 18 and Miss Marple a runner up with 15.   A total of 59 eggs therefore for August . . . more than enough for us, and neighbours have been enjoying our hens’ freshly laid eggs too.


11 thoughts on “best layer of the month # August

  1. Chuck a few over the fence in my direction please Claire. Our remaining two are both in a heavy moult and, in any case, one of them is about 12 years old. We are still debating whether to get more or not.

    • dépends on whether you don’t mind buying your eggs and how many you get through each month, I suppose.
      I’ve already told husband that when monthly egg count gets to less than 20 I’ll buy in 2 young layers, and let the 3 older girls continue to peck and do their thing but we seem a long way from that at the moment.

  2. My next chicken is going to be named Miss Moneypenny, maybe the egg laying will come with the name! It will certainly work better than the last crew….Marie (Curie) and Albert (Einstein) thanks to Girl #1 and Girl #2. They went bye bye in June after a month of no eggs.

    • how old were Marie & Albert?
      Our gals are 3 years old now and I have to say I am very surprised they’re still laying so well. My “secret”: every day I talk to them; scoop up poop from inside the coop and take them any leftovers from previous day’s meal, as well as only giving them special layer pellets and making sure they have fresh water. Have to add that the 3 hens we have are the “rustic” type, not ornamental (which I believe don’t lay as well).

      • Marie and Albert were about 2 1/2, but they were never as consistent as the “divas”, Taylor, Beyoncé, and whoever else it was. These two stuck their noses up at scraps the others had loved, even freshly sprouted wheat grass. They did like to have their backs scratched, and would run to greet whomever. Chickens are so funny!

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