pencil cases for the new school year

It’s that time of year again . . . summer holidays are coming to an end.  Kids are having to get back into a proper bed-time routine, so they’ll be bright-eyed and bushy tailed when the new school year starts up.  And they’re busily preparing their school bags  making sure they’ve got everything they’ll need in their pencil case.

Which very conveniently brings me to the subject


Lookee here!  Cléo (7 year old neighbour) came round for another sewing session and this is what she made.  As with our first session, Cléo was allowed to rifle through my stash and choose fabric.  She found a chunky pink zip, so wanted to use that.  We therefore set to work making a pencil case.  I did all the cutting of fabric (this zany print for the outside, wadding and plain white for the lining, and I attached the zip.  But apart from that, Cléo did all the work.  She did some straight-line quilting . . . and then sewed the pencil case front & back together.    I think she did a terrific job, and she can’t wait to go back to school to show this off to her friends and new teacher.

That little sewing session then gave me the incentive, to make a couple more pencil cases the following day.  On this one,  I placed the zip dead centre, but on hind-sight I’m not sure this is such a good idea for a pencil case.


And one for my 5 year old great nephew . . . with spiders and spider webs.



I should probably learn to make different styles, rather than just the flat case . . . that’ll be something for me to google and think about for next time.  The advantage of a flat pencil case though is, it’s very easy to send by post.


34 thoughts on “pencil cases for the new school year

  1. The centre zip one would be good for stuff like protractors, rulers, etc. perhaps – things that are better laying flat – then a higher zip or top zip for pencils, pens and crayons. Love the spiderwebs.

  2. How lucky is Cleo that you’re teaching her to sew and especially allowing her to rummage through your fabrics to choose what she wants. Hmmm, might enjoy a rummage there myself, lol Well done Claire for teaching a young person the joys of sewing. BTW I quite like your pencil cases and the fabrics.

    • I’m fast running out of pink fabric though, and that’s what Cléo really loves ^^ I may have to do some more pink fabric shopping if I want to inspire her to more sewing ^^

    • I really enjoy sewing for kids and with kids. Mine are all grown up now and haven’t produced any grandkids for me to spoil yet, so I am more than happy to be teaching Cléo.

  3. How lovely to be able to pass on your skills. I remember (many years ago) having sewing lessons from a lovely lady who volunteered at my primary school. She taught me how to smock and do shadow work – I have never forgotten.

  4. Those are some good looking pencil cases. Versatile to and could be used for many kinds of things.
    Way-to-go to Cléo . She did a wonderful job on her pencil case, I hope her love of sewing continues. You did a great job instructing her. A big way-to-go to you for being a great teacher.

  5. What a lovely way to get a youngster into sewing!
    Regarding shaping for pencil cases – if you made them a little smaller, a simple way to give them a bit of shape would be to bag out the corners by stitching across them diagonally (a concept which it turns out is so much simpler to show than tell!!) I did this for a coin purse once (many moons ago……..) I’m sure a google search will throw up a multitude of suggestions 🙂

  6. Way to go Cleo! And you did a great job too, Claire.

    I made a couple of pencil cases for my boys this year but they were the boxy kind. Super easy

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