Gibbs will do anything for his toy!

I’ve shown you the floatable toy I made for Gibbs, using an empty dairy cream bottle, and crocheting a simple cover to slip over it . . . well I can tell you, it’s the best toy he’s ever had!  Not only does he love diving into the lake to fetch it, he also loves to simply carry it around during our walks.

We have been spending time every day on the obstacle course in the park.  To begin with, we took a small bag of dog biscuits as treats/incentive to reward him, but we soon discovered the toy, and verbal encouragement,  is all it takes.

Here is he, coming out the end of the tunnel


park 01

To encourage him to run up a high ramp . . . we put the toy on the very top, so he runs up to fetch it, and then comes down the other side.  Here he is, at the top, on his way down.


And it works the other way too.

park 02

I am so pleased that he loves his toy, and we are very proud of all the progress he has made on the obstacle course in recent days.  He can now do: the tunnel, several ramps (of various heights and inclinations), leap through hanging tyres, jump over hurdles and “sit & stay” properly on a raised platform.

We’ve still got a few obstacles he’s not too keen on but with patience, we’ll get there.  This week we’re working on the see-saw.  He walks up the plank to the pivot and stays on it while it tips down, but tends to jump off the other side rather than walk down properly.